September 2010 - Fulfilling the Promise of Health Reform - (Page A1)

Demos fulfilling the promise of health reform special report special report A3 by pAul stArr the Next health-reform Campaign Getting Insurers to Behave turning States from adversaries Into Partners National reform meets Politics in the States by joAnne kenen a Public Plan for Connecticut? by joAnne kenen A16 by hArold pollAck the Cost of Delayed reform A24 by keith wAiloo Can reform Spell relief? health reform 2.0 A7 A9 A17 by jonAthAn cohn by mAriA c. AbAscAl reform’s mixed Impact on Immigrants the Preventive turn in healthCare reform by pAul stArr Unleashing restraint the opportunities of ClaSS A25 by jAcob s. hAcker A19 A20 Illustrations by Chris Gash This report was made possible through the generous support of The California Endowment, the Missouri Foundation for Health, and the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut. by timothy stoltzfus jost A11 A13 by robert A. berenson A22 by judith feder, hArriet l. komisAr, And pAul vAn de wAter

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The American Prospect - September 2010
Up Front
Ways and Means
Forget Populism
Many Paths to Victory
Will the Republicans Blow It?
Globalizing Reform
Fulfilling the Promise of Health Reform
America’s 20-Year Tug-of-War
Reading Progressive History, Through the Prospect
All Politics Is Identity Politics
The Enduring Relevance of Affirmative Action
The Real Liberal Elite
The Right Way to Please the Base
The Last Word

September 2010 - Fulfilling the Promise of Health Reform