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Have tHe student take tHe board and explain wHat Has just been taugHt. tHis additional opportunity for informal evaluation will Help determine wHetHer tHe student requires additional training.
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3 ASI online: Safety on the spot 4 CFI tools: Even the masters have masters 5 Checklist: ATC to the rescue


Chalk talk: 6 Tips to boost your board skills
FlighT insTruCTors use a variety

6 Safety spotlight: What can you do? 7 Chief's corner: Getting it

of training aids, but one of the best is still the board. The use of blackboards, chalkboards, or dry-erase boards to accelerate learning is certainly not new. In the United States, the use of blackboards dates back as early as 1801. Mr. George Baron, an innovative math instructor at the United States Military Academy, used chalkboards in ways that revolutionized education in this country (www.ergoin Today,

even though blackboards are over two centuries old, you expect them as standard equipment in any modern classroom. Presentations with both verbal and visual elements can be powerful learning tools, but many instructors often struggle with basic board skills. Educator Madeline Hunter (Mastery Teaching, University of California, 1982, pages 40-42) offers four great tips for board presentations to which I will add several more for flight instructors. | 1

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