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Bill entered the spin the way we had discussed. then suddenly things went horriBly wrong.

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2 CFI to CFI: Breaking the cycle—No regrets 3 ASI online: Fire in the cockpit

5 Checklist: Language lesson 6 Safety spotlight: Who's in charge? 7 Chief's corner: Teaching the teacher


I told you so!
in a student’s flight folder overseen by the chief instructor—no exceptions. One day in May I had a full schedule. My second student, let’s call him Bill, arrived just before lunch. Bill was preparing for a pre-solo stage check. It was my practice to train each of my students in spin recovery before they soloed. Bill was right on track as far as the curriculum was concerned. His grades were average with no glaring problems present. So I decided we would pursue the spin part of the course that morning. I briefed Bill on spin recovery and described how the session would go. After about 30 minutes of pre-flight briefing Bill got a weather briefing from Flight Service, as required by the flight school, even though the day was obviously clear. Then he went to pre-flight the Cessna 152 Aerobat we were using for the flight. Bill had been unusually quiet during the briefing, which was strange for him. I attributed it to pre-spin training jitters.

Examiner that he was hesitant to give me my CFI check ride. He was concerned that, because I was only five foot two and a hundred pounds, it was possible a student might overpower me risking an accident. Of course reasoning went by the wayside. He acquiesced, gave me the ride anyway, and said, “Remember this: Every student pilot is out to kill you.” I thought, “What an odd thing to tell a brand new CFI.” I was sure he was joking. I would understand as time passed. With the ink still wet on the certificate in my pocket I went to work at a flight school the very next day. Students came and went and a year passed before I knew it, with several pilot recommendations under my belt, so to speak. The flight school, a Cessna Pilot Center, had a curriculum we followed religiously, or else the chief flight instructor would have our heads. Each lesson was entered | 1

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