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Can Webinars Boost Your
Safety Culture?
Modern business flight operations logically trace some structural elements back to military
aviation. A fair number of the people in the industry carried armed forces experience
into their civilian roles, after all. Things like SOPs, a hierarchal ladder of increasing
responsibilities and qualifications, and pre-mission risk assessments translate cleanly. But
key differences challenge corporate and charter operators' ability to build and sustain a safe
culture. For one thing, it's hard to foster team esprit if the team's seldom (never?) together
and people, by design, receive their most impactful training in short, whirlwind mega-doses
while apart from one another and the group's normal operating environment.
Routine squadron meetings help military units unify intent and distribute information-
they are a two-way street where people can ask questions-a place to get the "why"
behind the "what." A professional enrichment segment is often included where an
operational event's lessons are debriefed or an aircraft system is reviewed in detail. The
free exchange of ideas through collective discussion in a quasi-social setting affects
and drives group culture. So, is something important missed if business aviation's tight
staffing levels, operational demands, and constantly dispersed teams mean everyone
getting together on a routine basis doesn't happen? If so, what strategies can recover at
least some of what's missed?
That was a central question as USAIG worked with human reliability company Convergent
Performance to develop a portfolio of webinar series for its Performance Vector safety
initiative. The result is a highly adaptable means to deliver world-class human factors
training to everyone on your team, where they are, on whatever paradigm harmonizes
best with your operation. Instructors deliver scheduled sessions live in a global classroom
that can be accessed wherever a web connection that supports streaming video can be
had. Groups can gather to watch, or people can tune in independently. Either way, it's
a common message fostering unified understanding and vernacular across the group.
Each session is recorded and links distributed, meaning that if live session timing does
not work, you can deploy the training on your own schedule using the recordings instead.
Hybrid approaches work too. Some operations maximize small groups gathering for the
sessions because that spurs discussion, but have folks who can't make a session keep up
with the group by watching the recording independently when able. Each webinar series
contains multiple sessions that set up a cadence over several months. Instructors receive
and respond to "live chatted" questions and participant comments during live sessions
and, workload permitting, do their best to get back to emailed-in questions from those
using the recordings. The net result is, well, as if the organization was getting together
routinely to advance its collective understanding of human factors issues.
There are three different webinar series available, each with one or two scheduled runs
per year, guided by enrollment interest (click each title to view a short video overview):

The Global
War on Error

21st Century
Safety Culture

"Never" Events

Eligible policies receive one annual Performance Vector safety benefit selection per
year, which can be applied to receive group enrollment in one of the series. Click here to
explore all the USAIG Performance Vector options in more detail or email us at for more information.


Premium on Safety - Issue 33, 2019

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