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Answering the call of public policy As APA congressional fellows, these psychologists have directly informed policy on mental health B Y M IC A H H ASKELL-H OEHL F Drs. Cheri Hoffman and Sandra Wilkniss served as APA’s 2010–11 congressional fellows. or 38 years, a select group of APA members have spent a year on Capitol Hill as APA congressional fellows, directly participating in the federal legislative process and gaining firsthand knowledge of a world known to many only through news stories and Sunday morning talk shows. APA’s congressional fellows also serve as ambassadors to federal policymakers on behalf of psychology. “Whether addressing issues related to funding for psychological research and training, reimbursement for practitioners or programs to protect the most vulnerable Americans, the federal government plays an integral role in many of the goals that psychologists strive to accomplish each day,” says Diane Elmore, PhD, MPH, co-director of the Congressional Fellowship Program and former APA congressional fellow. The program also gives its fellows a greater understanding of how psychology can inform federal policymaking. “The perspective that psychologists gain helps us contribute effectively to APA’s mission of applying psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people’s lives,” says Kerry Bolger, PhD, who also co-directs the program and is a former fellow. Here’s a look at the experiences of the 2010–11 APA congressional fellows. 84 Monitor on psychology • septeMber 2011 Lloyd Wolf

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Monitor on Psychology - September 2011
President’s Column
From the CEO
Supreme Court hears psychologists on prison and video game cases
Antipsychotics are overprescribed in nursing homes
New MCAT likely to recognize the mind-body connection
A $2 million boost for military and families
In Brief
On Your Behalf
Judicial Notebook
Random Sample
Speaking of Education
An uncertain future for American workers
Advocating for psychotherapy
Seared in our memories
Helping kids cope in an uncertain world
APA and Nickelodeon team up
Muslims in America, post 9/11
Bin Laden’s death
‘They expect us to be there’
Answering the call of public policy
Candidates answer final questions
APA News
Division Spotlight
New leaders
Disaster relief training
Honoring teaching excellence

Monitor on Psychology - September 2011