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Foundation amerIcan psychologIcal APF grants and opportunities psychology student at Emory University and has master’s degrees in both neuroscience and psychology from Emory. The Randy Gerson Memorial Zhang Grant honors doctoral students for their work in family and couple dynamics and multigenerational processes. The grant is made possible through the support of Sylvia Shellenberger, PhD, in honor of her late husband, Randy Gerson, PhD. For more information, see www.apa. org/apf/funding/gerson.aspx. n APf awards student travel grants APF sent seven graduate students to present their research papers at APA’s Annual Convention in Washington, D.C., last month through the Ungerleider/ Zimbardo Travel Scholarship program. The students are: • Natalie M. Anumba, Drexel University: “Crime, Justice and Ignorance: The Importance of Public Education in Public Policy.” • Jenay M. Beer, Georgia Institute of Technology: “Challenges in Patient Education: Teaching Older Adults Home Healthcare Tasks.” • David R. Kille, University of Waterloo: “When Regulating One’s Partner’s Mood Serves to Regulate One’s Own Mood: The Role of the Self-andOther-Merger in Close Relationships.” • Sylvia A. Morelli, University of California, Los Angeles: “The Neural Correlates of Empathy: Experience, Automaticity, and Prosocial Behavior.” • Cynthia J. Najdowski, University of Illinois at Chicago: “Why Experiencing 96 Racial Profiling Leads to Anxiety in Future Police Encounters: The Mediating Effects of Trust in the Police and Stereotype Threat.” • Erin E. Wuasney, Marquette University: “Gender-based Inequality and Emotional and Behavioral Responses: The Impact of Hostile and Benevolent Sexist Justifications.” • Zhen Wu, University of Iowa: “To Share or Not to Share: How Children Respond to Another’s Eye Gaze.” For information on the 2012 grants, see ungerleider-zimbardo.aspx. Stress and pregnancy researcher wins Gerson prize APF awarded graduate student Huaiyu Zhang the 2011 Randy Gerson Memorial Grant, a $6,000 prize, for her dissertation study on whether mindfulnessbased therapy can reduce stress and hypertension among pregnant AfricanAmerican women. Zhang is a fourth-year clinical Upcoming APF deadlines october • Lizette Peterson Homer Injury research Grant: oct. 1 November • Roy Scrivner Research Grants: nov. 1 • Theodore Blau Early Career Award: nov. 1 • Annette U. Rickel Public Policy research Award: nov. 1 • Theodore Millon Award: Nov. 1 • Counseling Psychology Grants: nov. 1 • Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Fellowships: nov. 15 For more information about APF’s funding programs, visit or contact Kim Palmer Rowsome, at or (202) 336-5622. Monitor on psychology • septeMber 2011

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Monitor on Psychology - September 2011
President’s Column
From the CEO
Supreme Court hears psychologists on prison and video game cases
Antipsychotics are overprescribed in nursing homes
New MCAT likely to recognize the mind-body connection
A $2 million boost for military and families
In Brief
On Your Behalf
Judicial Notebook
Random Sample
Speaking of Education
An uncertain future for American workers
Advocating for psychotherapy
Seared in our memories
Helping kids cope in an uncertain world
APA and Nickelodeon team up
Muslims in America, post 9/11
Bin Laden’s death
‘They expect us to be there’
Answering the call of public policy
Candidates answer final questions
APA News
Division Spotlight
New leaders
Disaster relief training
Honoring teaching excellence

Monitor on Psychology - September 2011