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VA mental health chief Antonette Zeiss is transforming mental health care for veterans and promoting more interdisciplinary mental health services. B Y B E T H A ZAR Psychologist named O n Aug. 1, Antonette Zeiss, PhD, made history at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA): She became the first psychologist, the first woman and the first nonphysician to head the department’s mental health policy office. Zeiss, whose official title is chief consultant for mental health for VA nationally, is based at the Central Office of the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, D.C. Her appointment has been greeted by warm messages of support and good will from psychologists and other mental health professionals throughout the system, underscoring the VA’s commitment to support leadership in providing the best possible mental health care to veterans across the country. Though her appointment is a milestone, it shouldn’t be surprising. It fits perfectly with the VA’s philosophy of interdisciplinary care and its emphasis on bringing all the mental health professions — psychiatry, psychology, social work, mental health nursing and counseling — to the table, says Zeiss. “Hiring me is a statement about VA’s commitment to mental health as an interdisciplinary component of health care,” says Zeiss, who has spent much of the last 30 years both at the Palo Alto, Calif., VA and the VA Central Office helping create a culture of interdisciplinary care. Monitor on psychology • DeceMber 2011 22

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Monitor on Psychology - December 2011
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Willpower Pioneer Wins $100,000 Grawemeyer Prize
Single-Sex Schooling Called Into Question by Prominent Researchers
Maternal Depression Stunts Childhood Growth, Research Suggests
For Boys, Sharing May Seem Like a Waste of Time
Good News for Postdoc Applicants
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Treatment Guideline Development Now Under Way
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Psychologist Named Va Mental Health Chief
The Limits of Eyewitness Testimony
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A Time of ‘Enormous Change’
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Good Science Requires Good Conflict
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New Labels, New Attitudes?
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Better Options for Troubled Teens
Saving Lives, One Organ at a Time
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Guidelines for the Conduct of President-Elect Nominations and Elections
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Monitor on Psychology - December 2011