Monitor on Psychology - January 2012 - (Page Cover1)

JANUARY 2012 • VOL. 43 • NO. 1 A PUBLICATION OF THE AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION GST# R127612802 Beyond one-on-one psychotherapy Expanding care by offering patients more choices EvidEncE-basEd ways to boost willpowEr Making E-lEarning work psychology’s rolE in thE rEcovEry to practicE MovEMEnt

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Monitor on Psychology - January 2012

Monitor on Psychology - January 2012
President’s Column
From the CEO
Apa’s Statement on the Dsm-5 Development Process
Girl Scouts Badge Promotes Positive Psychology
Early Investments Pay Off for Poor Children, Study Finds
Apa Meets With Chinese Psychological Society to Further Interaction and Exchange
Unique Opportunity for Psychologists to Travel to Cuba
In Brief
Government Relations Update
On Your Behalf
Psychology’s Growing Library of Podcasts
Standing Up for Psychology
Judicial Notebook
Random Sample
Time Capsule
Science Watch
Beyond Psychotherapy
Perspective on Practice
Yes, Recovery Is Possible
Inequity to Equity
Making E-Learning Work
New Standards for High School Psychology
A Trailblazer Moves On
Psychologist Profile
Plan Now for Psychology’s Regional Meetings
New Journal Editors
Apa News
Division Spotlight
American Psychological Foundation

Monitor on Psychology - January 2012