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Presidential Obesity, interdisciplinary team science and interprofessional practice are this year’s APA presidential convention themes. n selecting her convention themes for APA’s Annual Convention in Orlando, Fla., Aug 2–5, APA President Suzanne Bennett Johnson, PhD, chose to highlight three areas that are critically important to the nation’s health and the field of psychology: obesity, interdisciplinary team science and interprofessional practice. APA divisions and governance groups worked with Johnson to create three collaborative and innovative program tracks on each theme. All tracks will offer CE. “These tracks are designed to prepare psychologists for the key roles they must play as scientists who can work on teams to solve society’s most intractable problems, as practitioners who provide care as part of interprofessional teams and as behavior and health experts who can help turn around the obesity epidemic,” says Johnson. She selected four experts to develop these presidential tracks and asked each chair to share highlights from the programming. programming I 30 M O N I T O R O N P S Y C H O L O G Y • M AY 2 0 1 2

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Monitor on Psychology - May 2012
President’s Column
From the CEO
Math + science + motherhood = a tough combination
The rights of indigenous people take center stage at AAAS meeting
Interdisciplinary programs that are leading the way
Good Governance Project moves into its next phase
APA publishes third edition of seminal ADHD book for kids
Government Relations Update
In Brief
Random Sample
Judicial Notebook
Psychology’s first forays into film
Time Capsule
Presidential programming
Obesity researchers receive lifetime achievement awards
Top speakers for psychology’s top meeting
Science Watch
Homing in on sickle cell disease
Psychologist Profile
Alone in the ‘hole’
Public Interest
State Leadership Conference ‘12
Perspective on Practice
Education tops council’s agenda
Meet the candidates for APA’s 2014 president
Presidential election guidelines
Division Spotlight
American Psychological Foundation
Support for sexual miniorities

Monitor on Psychology - May 2012