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Candidates for PA members have nominated five psychologists to run for the association’s presidency. The winning candidate will serve as 2013 president-elect, 2014 president and 2015 past-president. The presidential candidates and the number of nominating votes they received are: Douglas C. Haldeman, PhD 716 votes Nadine J. Kaslow, PhD 258 votes Todd E. Finnerty, PsyD 137 votes Sheldon M. Cohen, PhD 89 votes Paul L. Craig, PhD 7 votes The nomination election was conducted completely online and began Feb. 1. Members with an email address on file with APA were emailed an announcement. Other announcements were made on the APA website and in the APA Access e-newsletter. The nominations closed March 19. The ballots were tabulated by Intelliscan Inc. and certified by APA’s Election Committee. All APA members are eligible to be nominated for president-elect and invited to submit a statement. In this issue of the Monitor, the candidates have submitted biographies and candidate statements. In the June, July/August and September issues of the Monitor, the candidates will also answer questions on issues of concern to APA members. APA will email ballots to members on Sept. 14. Paper ballots will be sent to members who do not have an email address on file. Members who receive paper ballots by mail will have the option to vote online or by mail. The election closes Oct. 29. 82 A Sheldon M. Cohen, PhD Independent Practice, Phoenix Currently, I live in Phoenix with my wife, Dr. Dayna Seigal, who is a theologian and an interfaith counselor. Interfaith counseling is one of our common interests and one of the things we do. Our interest in interfaith counseling grew after 9/11. Dayna and I were in a New York City cab on the way to the World Trade Center when 9/11 happened. Some positive human potential had become horrendously destructive. Could the destruction of 9/11 and the destruction that followed have been avoided? I tried to share some experiences and thoughts on the website and later in my blogs and Facebook posts. I believe in “the talking cure.’’ In this real-world new world, I became a psysocial analyst. The psysocial analyst works through four inter-related windows: W1 the international global; W2 the national, e.g., the United States; W3 the organizational within nations, e.g., APA; and W4 the individual and group psytherapeutic. The end goal is always the same: To make better, fix, continues on page 84 Paul L. Craig, PhD Independent Practice, Anchorage, Alaska As your candidate for APA presidentelect, I want you to know what I have done as well as what I intend to do for the future for our profession. From 2008 through 2010, I served as APA treasurer. Ten months after taking office, the world economy abruptly began collapsing. I kept a steady hand and worked collaboratively with management, governance and APA’s members, providing the leadership and vision needed to help APA survive and then thrive. By the end of my term as treasurer, APA’s balance sheet was solid and our budget was in the black. I have served APA members in a variety of leadership roles, including Board of Directors, Council of Representatives, Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice and the Committee on Rural Health. I have consistently emphasized the value of all facets of our profession, including science, education, practice and diversity. My leadership style has focused on integrating these interests continues on page 84 M O N I T O R O N P S Y C H O L O G Y • M AY 2 0 1 2

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Monitor on Psychology - May 2012
President’s Column
From the CEO
Math + science + motherhood = a tough combination
The rights of indigenous people take center stage at AAAS meeting
Interdisciplinary programs that are leading the way
Good Governance Project moves into its next phase
APA publishes third edition of seminal ADHD book for kids
Government Relations Update
In Brief
Random Sample
Judicial Notebook
Psychology’s first forays into film
Time Capsule
Presidential programming
Obesity researchers receive lifetime achievement awards
Top speakers for psychology’s top meeting
Science Watch
Homing in on sickle cell disease
Psychologist Profile
Alone in the ‘hole’
Public Interest
State Leadership Conference ‘12
Perspective on Practice
Education tops council’s agenda
Meet the candidates for APA’s 2014 president
Presidential election guidelines
Division Spotlight
American Psychological Foundation
Support for sexual miniorities

Monitor on Psychology - May 2012