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Vol. 20 No. 3 * march 2015 36 Hear Better? Never Say Never BY KrISTIN VASIL DILAj AND jENNIFEr Cox When-if ever-is a child who successfully uses bilateral hearing aids a candidate for cochlear implants? TAGS > COCHLeAR IMPLANTS, HeARING AIdS 44 After the Implant BY SuSAN NITTrouEr What cochlear implants do for children's language performance is revolutionary. But the device can't do all the work. It takes concentrated, sustained postimplant intervention to truly realize the miracle. 50 Boning Up on BAIs INTErVIEW BY BrIDgET MurrAY LAW How do you answer when a parent asks you: When is a bone-anchored implant the right choice for my child- and why choose this option over traditional hearing aids or a cochlear implant? We talked with a pediatric audiologist for the latest intelligence. 4 Inbox 6 From My Perspective 8 Glimpses 10 News in Brief 14 Research in Brief 18 Blogjam 20 People 22 In the Limelight 24 Overheard 26 At a Glance 27 On the Job 28 Bottom Line: Navigating the Thicket of Billing for Cochlear Implant Services 30 School Matters: Ask Not What Your Educational Audiologist Can Do for You 32 Student's Say: Doctoral Direction 34 App-titude: 'Edutain' Your Students, for Free 56 ASHA News 60 ASHA Calendar 62 Posted 64 American Speech-LanguageHearing Foundation 66 State Spotlight 67 Careers/Job Openings 72 First Person/Last Page LE ADEr .puBS. ASHA .org 1

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The ASHA Leader - March 2015