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VOL. 20 NO. 8 * AUGUST 2015 Convention in the Mile High City 10 News in Brief BY ELIZABETH THOMPSON BECKLEY 16 Research in Brief 4 From the President 8 Glimpses 18 Blogjam 42 A PerspectiveShaping Convention When ASHA last held its convention in Denver, the civil rights movement was gaining momentum nationally, and the association saw that it, too, needed a change of heart. 46 Denver Preview Denver's and ASHA's pioneering legacies continue. Here's what to look forward to this year. 52 Get Moved by What Matters BY BRIDGET MURRAY LAW Want to achieve a goal, but find yourself self-sabotaging? Convention keynoter Kelly McGonigal draws on brain science to show how resetting your mind can get you going. 58 'Trailblazer' Sessions Lead the Way A series of sessions will spotlight pioneering work in the professions. We share the list and sample some offerings. 20 People 26 Policy Analysis 28 In the Limelight 30 Overheard 32 At a Glance 33 On the Job 34 Bottom Line: How Do I Document Medicare Part A in Skilled Nursing Facilities? 36 Make It Work: Ready to Code and Bill ICD-10? 38 School Matters: Don't Underestimate Your Influence 40 In Private Practice: Kick It Into Overdrive 72 ASHA News 78 ASHA Calendar 79 Posted 80 American Speech-LanguageHearing Foundation 82 State Spotlight 84 Careers/Job Openings 88 First Person/Last Page 66 What Not to Miss Meet the chairs, find out where to network, see some exhibit hall highlights, and check out the pre-convention workshops. LE ADER .PUBS. ASHA .ORG 1 http://LEADER.PUBS.ASHA.ORG

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The ASHA Leader - August 2015