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What Is the Value of ASHA? by Sue T. Hale, MS, CCC-SLP lthough I have served as your president only since January, I have been involved in ASHA’s leadership since 1993. In my years as a volunteer leader, I have grown deeply aware of the value that ASHA has brought to my professional life and how my membership has helped me to build a fulfilling career. What is the value of ASHA? Of course, ASHA’s Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) tops the list. 1. A gold-standard credential for audiologists and speech-language pathologists. The CCCs are nationally recognized, easily transferred, and a proven record of your professional achievement to academia, government, patients, and consumers. But robust certification is just the tip of the iceberg. Consider the additional benefits. 2. Current research. You have access to current scientific information through four peer-reviewed journals that cover a wide range of topics in communications sciences and disorders. By 2010, these will be fully accessible and searchable online. 3. A strong voice on Capitol Hill. Your interests are represented and advocated to federal regulators and legislators. These efforts ensure that public and private insurers properly reimburse our services and that new capabilities of our members are recognized and rewarded. 4. Personal consultations with staff experts. You have access to consultants in all areas of our professions. Staff experts, available through the Action Center, have current information on topics ranging from the latest practice trends to changes in government regulations. 5. The latest news and clinical information. You can stay current about recent trends and issues in our professions through The ASHA Leader and numerous online newsletters. The ASHA Leader is the premier publication covering communications sciences and disorders. Audiologists and SLPs overwhelmingly rank it highly as a communications source. 6. A wealth of online resources. You have thousands of pages of online resources available at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ASHA’s robust Web site with its new, state-of-the-art search engine provides instant access to up-to-date information on hundreds of topics. New materials are added every day. 7. Marketing expertise and support. You have access to a wide range of materials to market our professions to your constituents. These are meticulously researched, professionally produced, and frequently updated materials come in a variety of formats. 8. Professional development. You can find educational opportunities that cover hundreds of topics of interest. Whether it’s webinars, online tools, packaged courses, books, virtual conferences, videos, CDs, mini-seminars, webcasts, focused conventions, or the national convention, membership in ASHA means access to education. 9. Unparalleled networking opportunities. You have a network of thousands of colleagues, researchers, and leaders in audiology and speech-language pathology through special interest divisions, online discussion forums, and conferences. And ASHA tweets on Twitter and maintains a Facebook page with more than 12,000 fans. 10. Public outreach and education. You are enhancing the positive image of audiologists and SLPs in society. ASHA’s public information efforts reach millions of consumers each year, and almost a third of the visitors to ASHA’s Web site are from the public. 11. Focus on evidence-based practice. You can improve your patients’ outcomes through an ever-expanding dissemination of evidence-based practice documents that catalog proven methods with predictable results. 12. Rigorous academic standards. You can be sure that programs designed to prepare incoming professionals maintain a high academic quality. ASHA’s accreditation program assures that the strength and integrity of your degree will be recognized and maintained. 13. A strong code of ethics. You are part of an organization with meaningful ethical standards. ASHA is a leader in establishing and enforcing ethical standards to protect the reputation and integrity of the professions and help ensure the welfare of those served. 14. Funding opportunities. ASHA actively promotes research funding on a wide range of topics of interest to members and directly funds research through support of the ASHFoundation. 15. Leadership skills. You can become a leader in your profession. Members involved in ASHA committees and boards advance our professions with leadership skills that can serve you in every area of your life. Every volunteer leader I know feels that involvement in ASHA has made him or her a more effective leader. Maintaining the “gold standard” certification program in audiology and speech-language pathology is critical to our professions. I urge you to take full advantage of your ASHA membership to expand your professional knowledge and network in communication sciences and disorders—and to help you enjoy a great career. LOUD L 2009 Train and Cer�fica�on Workshops ning Evide enced-based Voi Treatment fo Parkinson Dis ice or sease with applic ca�on to adults and children w neurological condi�ons. s with l Jackson, Japan nville, FL Aug 22-23 Ma 19-20 ar Niigata, g. Stockho SE Sept 30-May 1 olm, Long Be each, CA Apt. 3-4 r Mainz, t. MinneaGermany Sept 12-13 apolis, MN Ma 7-8 ay t. SunnyvaEng. Londonale, CA Sept 17-18 , Ma 11-12 ay Medford, M Dallas, TX OR D Charlo�e, NC PA C Philadelphia, A P St. S Louis, IL Chicago, MO C Cambridge, Eng C g Athens, Greece A e May 28-29 Oct. 2-3 9 Oct. 22-23 June 11-12 Oct. 22-23 June 18-19 Nov. 2-3 June 27-28 ian Clinici eLOUD Contact Us Certified Today Today fo the or Us Contact U for Details! Details! Deliver L An LSVT Become e by telehealth eLOUD me Becom ® Regis Today! Ea 1.2 ASHA C ster arn CEUs Voice: 1.888 8.438.5788·Em info@LSVT mail: www.LSVTG Addi�ona 2009 Dates Listed on the W al Website! Previously Cer�fied LSVT Clinicians Visit s: Our NEW Websit to Update Y te Your rma�on: WWW W.LSVTGlobal Infor August 11, 2009

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The ASHA Leader - August 11, 2009
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The ASHA Leader - August 11, 2009