ASHRAE Journal - March 2019 - Intro

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to Outdoor Air Systems.

Greenheck's new models, RV-110 and RVE-180 (with energy recovery), expand capacities
up to 18,000 cfm with up to 70 tons of packaged cooling and 1,200 MBH of gas heat for
high percentage and 100% outdoor air systems. Great for applications such as schools,
hotels, offices, condos, and assisted living facilities.

Enhanced Controls: Greenheck sets a new level of excellence for precise control
by enhancing the controls platform on all RV and RVE models. The factory-programmed,
wired and tested microprocessor controller
can operate independently or be integrated
with a building management system (BMS).
Additionally, the enhanced platform features a
web user interface that provides a live graphic
of the unit operation and access to menus to
view and adjust the unit remotely.
microprocessor controller.

Value-added Features:

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NEW Inverter Compressor Option.
Up to 16:1 turndown on Indirect Gas Furnace.
Standard low sound condenser fans.
Optional Modulating Head Pressure Control.

Optional Inverter
Compressor for
improved part load
efficiency to reduce
energy costs.

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