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E d i t o r ’ s c o M M E n t a r y Then and Now H igH P ErforMing b uildings 1791 Tullie Circle N.E., Atlanta, GA 30329-2305 Phone: 404-636-8400, Fax: 404-321-5478 www.HPBmagazine.org, E-mail: HPBmagazine@ashrae.org Editorial advisory Board W hen Oberlin College began planning the Adam Joseph Lewis Center in 1992, green construction wasn’t a term. There was no LEED or ENERGY STAR. And environment-friendly technologies and approaches were considered bleeding rather than leading edge. Today, one-third of all non-residential projects are green, a $55 billion market. The report from McGraw-Hill also says market share in five years is expected to triple, growing to $120–$140 billion for new construction and $14 billion for major retrofit and renovation. “It’s an amazing area of opportunity at a time when the construction market is extremely challenged,” says Harvey Bernstein of McGrawHill. “In today’s economy, firms that specialize in green or serve this market are seeing a tremendous advantage, and they’re doing good at the same time.” and building in a way that almost eliminates the need for outside water and waste disposal. “While the Lewis Center’s performance is a significant accomplishment,” says Petersen, “the most important achievement has been the inspiration it has provided to several generations of students and design professionals. “Projects inspired by the Lewis Center range from sustainable agriculture to environmental policy to green technology to urban revitalization.” THIS EDITION of High Performing Buildings Magazine begins our fourth year of publication. The magazine was started by ASHRAE to provide examples of high performing buildings supported by actual performance data, along with lessons learned. To date, we’ve published more than 70 case studies. This edition, for example, includes a university classroom building, a major medical center, an engineering office and a large government office building. It also includes the magazine’s first industrial case study, two Honda automotive assembly plants that have received ENERGY STAR awards annually since 2006, the first year these awards were presented to automotive assembly plants. We hope you enjoy the edition and have a great new year. David Grumman, P.E., Grumman/Butkus Associates Sheila Hayter, P.E., National Renewable Energy Lab Adam W. Hinge, P.E., Sustainable Energy Partnerships Vivian Loftness, FAIA, Carnegie Mellon University Michael Nicklas, FAIA, Innovative Design Donald Winston, P.E., The Durst Organization Editorial Fred Turner, fturner@ashrae.org Sarah Foster, sfoster@ashrae.org associatE Editors Rebecca Matyasovski, rebecca@ashrae.org Charlotte Tubbs, ctubbs@ashrae.org Christopher Weems, cweems@ashrae.org coPy Editor Jeri Eader, jeader@ashrae.org Editor Managing Editor d E s i g n Susan Carabetta, Carabetta Hayden Design P u B l i s h i n g s E r v i c E s a n d c i r c u l at i o n PuBlisHing sErvicEs ManagEr Production David Soltis Jayne Jackson, Tracy Becker Greg Martin, gmartin@ashrae.org Vanessa Johnson, vjohnson@ashrae.org advErtising advErtising salEs ManagEr advErtising Production P u B l i s h E r W. Stephen Comstock M i s s i o n s tat E M E n t High Performing Buildings describes measured performance of practices and technologies to promote better buildings, presenting case studies that feature integrated building design practices and improved operations and maintenance techniques. issn 1940-3003 (print) and 1940-3054 (digital) Published Quarterly Copyright 2011 by the American Society MUCH OF THIS success can be attributed to the early adopters, such as Oberlin College, which took risks and sometimes paid a price to create working labs for environmental design. A case study in this edition by John E. Petersen, Ph.D., describes Oberlin’s Lewis Center project that was completed in 2000, and a lot that has been learned over the last 10 years. This classroom and office building has achieved net zero The Editors energy, and integrates the landscape of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc., 1791 Tullie Circle N.E., Atlanta, GA 30329-2305. Standard class postage paid at Atlanta, Georgia, and additional mailing offices. subscriptions High Performing Buildings is free to qualified subscribers. Nonqualified subscriptions cost $19 in the U.S. and Canada and $31 outside the U.S. and Canada. Single copies are $6 in the U.S. and Canada and $12 outside the U.S. and Canada. Subscriptions can be completed at www.HPBmagazine.org/subscribe. Postmaster Canadian Agreement Number 40037127. Canadian return address: Station A, P.O. Box 54, Windsor, ON N9A 6J5. E-mail: returnsIL@imex.pb.com. change of address Send current address to High Performing Buildings, P.O. Box 1254, Skokie, IL 60076 or visit www. HPBmagazine.org/addresschange. customer service Contact High Performing Buildings, P.O. Box 1254, Skokie, IL 60076 or HPBsubscriptionmanagement@ halldata.com. Environmental Benefits statement The pages of High Performing Buildings are printed on Somerset Matte Recycled, manufactured by Sappi Paper. Environmental impact estimates were made using the Environmental Defense Fund Paper Calculator. High Performing Buildings saved the following resources by using Somerset Matte Recycled. Greenhouse Wood Use Net Energy Gases Wastewater Solid Waste 13 tons (89 28 Million 8,443 lbs co2 40,665 2,469 trees saved) Btus saved equiv. saved gallons saved pounds less Publication disclaimer ASHRAE does not necessarily agree with any statement or opinion in this publication. The appearance of any technical data, editorial material or advertisement in this publication does not constitute endorsement, warranty or guarantee by ASHRAE of any product, service, process, procedure, design or the like. http://www.HPBmagazine.org http://www.HPBmagazine.org/subscribe http://www.HPBmagazine.org/addresschange http://www.fsc.org http://www.fsc.org

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High Performing Buildings - Winter 2011
Portland State's Shattuck Hall
Oberlin College's Adam Joseph Lewis Center
Dell Children's Medical Center
CMTA Office Building
EPA Region 8 Headquarters
Honda's East Liberty, Marysville Auto Plants
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High Performing Buildings - Winter 2011