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t e c h n o l o g y N E W & N O T A B L E T he growing importance of energy efficiency and sustainability has given birth to new generations of products and technologies available in the marketplace. A sampling is included here. To have your product considered for a future issue of HPB, send a product description to hpbmagazine@ashrae.org. A B C A Bench Radiators The Panel Plus and Mini Bench heating and seating system from Jaga is a dual-purpose radiator and bench, providing discreet heating and seating systems suitable for use in larger public spaces such as student centers; waiting areas in commercial building projects such as hotels, hospitals or restaurants; or small residential spaces. Using proprietary Low-H2O technology, the units remain cool to the touch and pose no risks to people sitting on the bench. HPB.hotims.com/44642-174 B Flow Meter Onicon presents the F-3500 Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter, engineered for demanding water flow measurement applications including open loop applications. Each meter is wet calibrated to NIST traceable standards, features a hand-insertable hot tap design, and is accurate to within 1% of rate. Common applications include chilled water, hot water, condenser water and domestic water. HPB.hotims.com/44642-162 C Folding Glass Walls The Breeze Panel Folding Glass Wall system from Zola Windows allows for seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor environments. Panels can be configured in three to seven panels, with custom solutions for larger needs, and are available in all of Zola’s product lines including Classic, Thermo Wood, and ThermoPlus Clad. HPB.hotims.com/44642-157 D F E G 68 D Green Roof The Green Roof System from Xero Flor consists of pre-vegetated sedum and moss mats grown with XeroTerr growing medium on a flexible textile carrier. A root barrier prevents root encroachment into building components, while the retention fleece is used to facilitate distribution and storage of water within the root zone. HPB.hotims.com/44642-158 E LED Light Bulb SMC LED offers the Lightopolis High Bay LED light bulb. Four 50 W Bridgelux LED chips, each with its own heat sink and driver, provide heat management and a stable power supply. This design ensures illumination even if one LED chip fails. The product provides 14,000 lumens with a color temperature of 5600 K and is housed in aluminum. HPB.hotims.com/44642-150 HigH Performing Buildings summer 2013 F Flushometer Sloan introduces concealed models of its SOLIS solar-powered, sensor-activated flush valves, which enable restrooms in high-use/ high-abuse facilities such as schools, stadiums and transportation centers to adopt this water- and energy-efficient plumbing technology. The new flushometers use natural or artificial light to charge a capacitor, providing power even in rooms with occupancy-controlled lighting. SOLIS uses a combination of solar energy and batteries to power the sensor flushing. Concealed SOLIS flushometers for wall-hung water closets flush at either 1.28 gpf or 1.6 gpf. HPB.hotims.com/44642-171 G LED Luminaires EYE Lighting International announces Aphos LED Luminaires for parking garages, parking lots, warehouses and similar applications. Suitable for applications with ceiling mount, wall mount, and pole mount configurations, Aphos is rated at 60,000 hours of life, suitable for wide ambient temperature ranges, and compatible with standard photocontrols. The luminaires are designed with custom LED optics that provide exceptional lighton-task coverage that can minimize the number of fixtures required in an installation. HPB.hotims.com/44642-154 H Rechargeable LED Beacon Larson Electronics announces the release of their new SLEDB-5-M solar powered LED beacon. Equipped with a small solar panel, internal batteries and magnetic and permanent mounting bases, this LED beacon is designed to run endlessly on 4–5 hours of daily sunlight. The one-pound lamp is suitable for warning or barricade light applications and features a 1 frame per second strobe mode. HPB.hotims.com/44642-167 I Sensor Faucet The Z6930XL AquaSense Battery Powered Sensor Faucet from Zurn contains an easily replaced concealed sensor with a lens that is more durable and chemically resistant to cleaning agents. Multiple power and water flow options add to its versatility, as well as an optional connector wire for hardwire installation. HPB.hotims.com/44642-155 http://HPB.hotims.com/44642-174 http://HPB.hotims.com/44642-171 http://HPB.hotims.com/44642-162 http://HPB.hotims.com/44642-154 http://HPB.hotims.com/44642-157 http://HPB.hotims.com/44642-167 http://HPB.hotims.com/44642-158 http://HPB.hotims.com/44642-155 http://HPB.hotims.com/44642-150

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High Performing Buildings - Summer 2013
Clemson University’s Lee III
Biological and Computational Sciences Facility
VCU Cary Street Gym
College of the Atlantic Student Village Housing
Rice Fergus Miller Office and Studio

High Performing Buildings - Summer 2013