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t e c h n o l o g y N E W & N O T A B L E T A he growing importance of energy efficiency and sustainability has given birth to new generations of products and technologies available in the marketplace. A sampling is included here. D Solar Space Heating Conversal Engineering’s SolarWall two-stage system is configured to deliver greater temperature rises and faster ROI than the company’s conventional one-stage system. Outside air is heated and drawn into an air cavity via tiny perforations in the collector. With the two-stage system, the air is then heated a second time as the air passes though the second stage, behind the top glazing. HPB.hotims.com/44640-229 To have your product considered for a future issue of HPB, send a product description to hpbmagazine@ashrae.org. Insulating Glass PPG Industries introduces Sungate 600 glass, a multifunctional low-e glass that can enhance the insulating performance of buildings in a variety of climates and applications. The glass features a pyrolytic coating developed to provide smoothness and durability. Because the coating is chemically bonded to glass while molten, the glass has a durable hard coat that is up to 25% smoother than the coatings on traditional pyrolytic-coated glasses. HPB.hotims.com/44640-201 B A Interior Partitions LOFTwall provides aesthetically-designed, portable partitions and dividers for interior spaces including commercial, residential, and institutional. The partitions are made from 60%–75% recycled material and finished with a VOC-free powder coating. HPB.hotims.com/44640-231 B LED Cove Light Creative Systems Lighting offers the energyefficient Eco-Cove LED system for hospitality, retail, and residential applications. The Eco-Cove features a 120V linkable system with a lamp life of 50,000 hours and a continuous driver. The lighting system provides either warm white or natural white light and is available in a 6 watt, 300 lumen model or a 12 watt, 600 lumen model. HPB.hotims.com/44640-208 C LED Lamps LEDnovation announces the addition of 75 W and 100 W comparable versions of its EnhanceLite Omnidirectional A-lamps. They offer 1,150 lumen and 1,600 lumen output, respectively, at a 2700K color temperature. The LED bulbs are suited for applications such as table lamps, wall sconces, hanging pendants, ceiling lamps and other luminaires and fixtures. HPB.hotims.com/44640-222 68 HigH Performing Buildings Winter 2013 Low-VOC Ceiling Panels Symphony f fiberglass ceiling panels from CertainTeed have been third-party tested for VOCs and meet current California Department of Public Health protocols for formaldehyde. The ceiling panels offer exceptional durability, a luxurious and smooth textured surface and superior sound absorption, making it suitable for enhanced speech privacy and worker productivity in open plan environments. It also offers outstanding light reflectance, humidity resistance, and contains 39% to 43% recycled content. HPB.hotims.com/44640-202 C D Thermally Broken Vent Window YKK AP America announces the YES SSG TU Vent, a thermally broken vent window that reduces heat flow through the framing. It is designed for storefronts, windows and curtain wall applications and is compatible with a variety of YKK AP’s framing systems. The YES SSG TU Vent is aesthetically pleasing and has an overall system u-Factor of 0.41. HPB.hotims.com/44640-203 Rubber Commercial Flooring Panorama Living Color rubber flooring from Mats Inc. is designed as an alternative to carpet, with the additional benefits of wear performance, non-allergenic properties, sound insulation, and ease of cleaning. Panorama tiles are made with 100% post-consumer recycled http://HPB.hotims.com/44640-229 http://HPB.hotims.com/44640-201 http://HPB.hotims.com/44640-231 http://HPB.hotims.com/44640-202 http://HPB.hotims.com/44640-208 http://HPB.hotims.com/44640-203 http://HPB.hotims.com/44640-222

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High Performing Buildings - Winter 2013
Kensington High School for the Creative and Performing Arts
Mercy Corps World Headquarters
Hood River Middle School Music and Science Building
UC Davis Health and Wellness Center
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High Performing Buildings - Winter 2013

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