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T E C H N O L O G Y N E W & N O T A B L E T he growing importance of energy efficiency and sustainability has given birth to new generations of products and technologies available in the marketplace. A sampling is included here. To have your product considered for a future issue of HPB, send a product description to hpbmagazine@ashrae.org. A C D E B F A LED Upgrade Lamp The Helen Lamp from Lunera is a plug and play LED replacement for four-pin and two-pin compact fluorescent lights (CFL). The integrated technology allows the lamp to operate directly off of a fixture's existing ballast, eliminating the need to modify or replace fixtures. The 13 W lamp delivers 900 lumens with a lumen maintenance of over 50,000 hours, and is compatible with non-lensed and non-dimming fixtures with G24q-series 4-pin or G24d-series 2-pin CFL sockets. HPB.hotims.com/54437-181 B Escalator Modernization Schindler introduces the 9600 Escalator Energy Efficiency Manager (EEEM), an escalator modernization system that integrates technologies. It works with most escalator types, regardless of the manufacturer. The system features a solid-state motor controller designed to increase the efficiency of 3-phase electric motors operating at a constant speed and under variable loads. The product installs on existing escalators without the need to remove the truss, the core structural component of the machinery. HPB.hotims.com/54437-151 C Daylighting Device The Solatube SolaMaster Series of a tubular daylighting devices designed for use in larger spaces including commercial applications and G bigger residential areas. The products can be installed in suspended ceiling systems, hard ceiling, or open ceiling (warehouse), and can produce light output equivalent to two standard three-lamp fluorescent light fixtures. Low-angle sunlight is redirected by the indome reflector into the tube which provides light transfer at 99.7% specular reflectance. HPB.hotims.com/54437-182 D Thermal Window System The MikronWood Therman Advantage window system from Quanex is suitable for cold climates as well as high-heat and high-humidity climates. The system is designed for replacement and new contruction, featuring a 4.5 in. frame that accommodates 1 3/8 in. thick insulating glass. The frames are available in a variety of finishes as well as real wood interior veneers. Additionally, the system is available in tilt single hung, horizontal slider, picture window, casement and awning styles. HPB.hotims.com/54437-162 E Smart Glass Dynamic Glass from View is a smart glass product that intelligently adjusts in response to external conditions and user preference. The glass uses electrochromic technology to automatically and intelligently change tint levels of the glass in response to the outside world (e.g., movement of the sun, weather Winter 2015 HIGH changes). This provides unobstructed views without heat or glare, increasing occupant comfort and natural light while reducing building energy consumption. It also provides architectural design freedom, eliminating the need for blinds and shading structures, and enabling building designs with larger glass areas. HPB.hotims.com/54437-177 F LED Troffer Cree introduces the ZR High Efficacy (HE) LED recessed troffer. The lighting features TrueWhite technology and delivers 4000 lumens with a color temperature of 3500 K or 4000 K in both 2×2 and 2×4 ft configurations and features 0-10 V dimming for further energy savings. The troffer is suitable for replacement of fluorescent units in health care, commercial building and other applications demanding reliability and long product lifetime. HPB.hotims.com/54437-157 G Construction Camera The BCC 100 Construction Camera from Brinno can show daily progress on projects in construction, home improvement, landscaping, or designing. The camera features a 140 degree angle of view to take in the whole job site, is dust proof, and includes a water-resistant housing for outdoor mounting in all weather conditions. The time lapse feature creates video on the spot without the need to combine photos into a large video file. HPB.hotims.com/54437-173 PERFORMING BUILDINGS 61 http://HPB.hotims.com/54437-177 http://HPB.hotims.com/54437-182 http://HPB.hotims.com/54437-181 http://HPB.hotims.com/54437-157 http://HPB.hotims.com/54437-162 http://HPB.hotims.com/54437-151 http://HPB.hotims.com/54437-173

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High Performing Buildings - Winter 2015
Oakland University Human Health Building
David & Lucile Packard Foundation Headquarters
Locust Trace AgriScience Center
PNC Net Zero Bank Branch
Portland Community College Newberg Center
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High Performing Buildings - Winter 2015