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UFAD Guide and
O&M Guide Set
Product Code: B90452
$139 (ASHRAE Member $104)
HVAC Fast Facts (I-P)
Product Code: 40306
$12 (ASHRAE Member $9)
Air-Conditioning System
Howard J. McKew, Editor
Simplifying the Essentials of Sustainable Building Design
High-Performance Buildings Simplified breaks down the basics of high-performance
building design using familiar language and practical exercises. It is perfect for use
by engineering students, students from other disciplines, the new engineer just
starting out in their career, or anyone interested in resource-efficient and
environmentally friendly building principles.
With a significant basis in the ASHRAE GreenGuide, now itself in its fifth edition,
High-Performance Buildings Simplified introduces readers to the fundamentals of:
* Building design and commissioning
* Sustainability, including water and energy conservation
* Indoor air quality and indoor environmental quality
* Materials selection, construction, and operations and maintenance
* Energy informatics, smart grid, and resilience
* Future trends
Each chapter includes a list of industry-standard terms, as well as self-guided and
instructor-led exercises. Case studies and more than 30 supplemental files containing
additional in-depth information and relevant articles round out the practical
More than just an introductory text, High-Performance Buildings Simplified is a concise
resource for anyone looking to keep the basics of sustainable buildings close at
Buildings Simplified
Designing, Constructing, and Operating
Sustainable Commercial Buildings
Tom Lawrence * Julia Keen
ISBN 978-1-947192-32-4 (paperback)
ISBN 978-1-947192-33-1 (PDF)
1791 Tullie Circle
Atlanta, GA 30329-2305
Telephone: 404-636-8400 (worldwide)
Product code: 90467 9/19
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10/4/2019 10:43:53 AM
System Design Manual,
Third Edition
Product Code: 90340
$119 (ASHRAE Member $89)
Students Save $72!
Buildings Simplified
Product Code: 90467
$132 (ASHRAE Member $99)
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HVAC Simplified
Product Code: 90439
$100 (ASHRAE Member $75)
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Principles of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning, Ninth Edition, is
based on content from all four volumes of the ASHRAE Handbook, pulling
heavily from the 2021 ASHRAE Handbook-Fundamentals. It contains the
most current ASHRAE procedures and definitive yet easy-to-understand
treatment of building HVAC systems, from basic principles through design
and operation.
Several significant changes have been made for this revised edition,
including changes to chapter content and organization with the goal of
ensuring the content is approachable and practical. For many chapters, a
single example building is used to enhance consistency and further students'
understanding, and the removal of residential discussions and examples
has given the book a more pointed focus on commercial calculations and
applications. Several entire chapters have been removed from the print
book but will continue to be available online.
This book is suitable both as a textbook and as a reference book for
undergraduate engineering courses in the field of heating, ventilating, and
air-conditioning; for similar courses at technical and vocational schools;
for continuing education and refresher short courses for engineers; and for
adult education courses for professionals other than engineers, especially
when combined with the ASHRAE Handbook.
of Heating,
Air Conditioning
Ninth Edition
Based on the 2021 ASHRAE Handbook-Fundamentals
ISBN 978-1-947192-69-0 (hardback)
ISBN 978-1-947192-70-6 (PDF)
180 Technology Parkway
Peachtree Corners, GA 30092 | 404-636-8400 (worldwide)
Product Code: 90572
Kevin L. Amende, PE
Julia A. Keen, PhD, PE
Lynn E. Catlin, PE
Megan Tosh, PE
Andrew M. Sneed, PE
Ronald H. Howell, PhD, PE
Load Calculation
Applications Manual,
Second Edition
Product Code: (I-P) 90662,
(SI) 90664
$151 (ASHRAE Member $113)
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Principles of Heating,
Ventilating and Air
Conditioning, Ninth
Product Code: 90572
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Third Edition
Product Code: 90167
$125 (ASHRAE Member $94)
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High-Performance Buildings Simplified
Lawrence * Keen
Principles of HVAC
Ninth Edition

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