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Our Mission. c e Inside Info For Design And Construction Professionals f or two years the Joint Standards Committee consisting of volunteer members from the Architectural Woodwork Institute, Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada, and the Woodwork Institute have been working on the development of the Architectural Woodwork Standards, Edition 2. While a final publication date has not been officially announced, the committee is working diligently toward a thoroughly refined and accurate version of the AWS that reflects the current architectural woodwork industry as a whole. While much of the content remains unchanged from the Architectural Woodwork Standards, design I fall 2013 First Edition, 2009, there are some substantial changes in formatting and placement of content. Following are highlights of a few of these improvements so that you can be aware of these changes when the second edition is released. Expanded educational "Information Only" sections precede each Section in Edition 2. For each of the 12 sections of the AWS, Ed. 2, information that was placed in the "Appendix B" section of Edition 1 has been reviewed, updated, and revised. This highly educational content which has its origins rooted in the former Quality Standards Illustrated has been brought from the back of the printed book and placed in preface of each section. This along with a new Table of Contents for each section and graphic cues prompting users to additional "Design Ideas" and information located in the appendix should make this version of the standard more educational and user friendly.

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Design Solutions - Fall 2013
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Classy Private Club
First-Rate Research
The Shapes of Woodwork
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Design Solutions - Fall 2013