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tailored for every application. Power, speed and efficiency; the CMT Twin is a fast, low-spatter, double-wire process. CMT Twin offers superior productivity and efficiency with two power sources, one torch, and two insulated contact tips, plus the outstanding welding properties of CMT.

Lincoln Electric Company
In 1895, John C. Lincoln founded The Lincoln Electric Co. with a capital investment of $200. The product — electric motors of his own design. Later joined by his brother, James F. Lincoln, the brothers set out to create a company that would become a leader in the welding industry. Today, nearly 120 years later, Lincoln Electric is the world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of arc welding products, robotic arc welding systems, and plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment. The Company has a leading global position in fume extraction systems, brazing, soldering, and alloys markets. Though many things have changed since 1895, the Lincoln Electric vision remains the same. Recognized worldwide as welding experts, the company strives to provide cutting-edge products and solutions, as well as unparalleled service, for its customers. Although Lincoln Electric is headquartered in Cleveland, it has a global presence. The company currently owns and operates 42 manufacturing locations around the world, including operations and joint ventures in 19 countries, and a global network of distributors and sales offices covering more than 160 countries. From Colombia to China to Australia to the United Kingdom, Lincoln Electric is there, providing welding solutions and serving its customers. Lincoln Electric has an extensive portfolio of products, including stick

welders, MIG welders, TIG welders, advanced multiprocess welding power sources, semiautomatic wire feeders, plasma cutters, and many automated welding solutions. The Company’s products also include a variety of welding accessories, personal protection apparel and welder training aids, including the VRTEX® 360 virtual welding system. Since its earliest days, Lincoln Electric has remained committed to continuous improvement and innovation. The company has a long history of being a pioneer in new technology for arc welding consumables and equipment and regularly develops new products to meet the ever changing needs of the industry. In fact, Lincoln Electric operates the welding industry’s most extensive and comprehensive research and product development program, supported by its research and development centers around the world. Lincoln Electric’s commitment to innovation is founded in its dedication to its customers. The company’s competitive advantage consists of its ability to thoroughly understand customer needs, whether that customer is a large global manufacturer or a smaller local or regional operation. For more information, or to view the entire portfolio of Lincoln Electric products, visit www.lincolnelectric.com.

On behalf of Magswitch, we take pride in being a part of AWS. We have made many friends and gained strategic partners as a result of our affiliation with AWS. A special thanks to Bill Rice whose passion and vision for Magswitch has inspired us in the welding Industry. For those of you familiar with Magswitch, we have made great progress in our business since our commercial launch in 2006. Magswitch is based around a platform of new technology to control permanent Magnets. With unprecedented control and strength to weight, Magswitch has utilized variations of its patented technology to bring a wide range of new tools to industry that offer new capabilities,

productivity, and safety benefits not previously available. Our vision for our technology is to be part of every step of steel processing; from foundry, logistics, materials handling, and fabrication …through to final scrap recycling. If you lift, move, position, weld or fabricate steel, Magswitch will be there. The person, who is manually moving and positioning steel today, will likely progress to ‘ergo assist’ technology and from there he will go to Robotics. As robots get bigger so will the tasks; All driven by the need for safety, faster turnaround and greater efficiency. Magswitch is committed to a business model that identifies key industry partners, allowing us to leverage the technology and products through recognized global distribution, sales, and marketing channels. We are humbled to boast partnerships with some of the most significant brands and corporations in the Welding industry in just a few years. Partners like Fanuc, Milwaukee Tool, Thermadyne, HH Barnum and Bugo to name but a few. Corporations working to change the way they do things. With any disruptive product, the challenge is to get people comfortable with the technology. Disruptive technology needs to be driven from the top down, often requiring a quantum shift in thinking at traditional delivery level. The amazing change in Industrial Automation in the US over the past two years has created a culture of change. The re-equipping of Industry based on safety, speed and efficiency is the perfect environment for new technology. Magswitch has not only redefined magnets as a technology, thanks to our Partners, it is now across diverse industries beyond welding and fabrication into Woodworking, Industrial Automation, Military, Marine, with more yet to come. We have embarked on education by getting the technology in the field. We receive numerous calls daily from engineers and product managers wanting to explore more ways they can put the Magswitch technology to use and give them an edge. We can offer them unique capabilities such as de-stacking, incredible hold on thin material, MagWheel that grips and rolls, and shuts off and sheds debris. Magswitch has innovators thinking. More importantly, it has people acting as our products are now offered in over 80 countries. We continue to focus on investing in new development and applications. We intend to continue to develop our technology to higher levels of efficiency. Our customers demand it… being best today does not provide tomorrow’s products.

65TH IIW Annual Assembly & International Conference

http://www.lincolnelectric.com http://www.lincolnelectric.com

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