The Crusader - Summer 2021 - 2

Dear Family and Friends of Aquinas,
Thanks be to God for a successful, healthy year! None of us were sure how this year would
go. It was a challenging year, but I am proud to say it was a success. I am grateful for those
who prayed for us each day in the Daily Decade Rosary Campaign, to the faculty and staff for
coming in, practicing and teaching extra protocols, and working overtime to support students
who were staying home. I am grateful to Mrs. Planchak, our school nurse, and all our families,
who were so cautious, communicative, supportive, and flexible. I am humbled by the gratitude
of our students throughout the year and their diligence in following guidelines. I am thankful for
the special grants we've received this year and the generosity of our benefactors in this time of
need. Lastly, I am grateful for the strong leadership we have from the Diocese of Arlington. The
creativity, talent, and dedication of Bishop Burbidge, Dr. Vorbach, our superintendent, and their
team was a real reassurance this year.
In light of our motto, Faith and Reason,
St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School
believes it is essential to
● offer a dynamic, faith-filled learning
environment centered in the Person
of Jesus Christ and following the
teachings of the Magisterium of the
Catholic Church.
● partner with parents, the primary
educators, in a whole-child approach
that includes spiritual, intellectual,
social, emotional, artistic and
physical formation.
● provide a safe environment where
children feel accepted and respected.
● inspire students to desire knowledge
and skill, allowing them to grow into
lifelong learners.
● meet the needs of diverse
learners, promoting creativity and
inquisitiveness through a challenging
academic curriculum as well as
offering a variety of teaching methods
and academic support services.
● embrace the uniqueness of each
child in a community of caring
and supportive teachers whose
instruction helps them grow in the
love of God and others.
● guide students to live well on earth
so they may rejoice with God forever
in heaven.
Please continue to join me in praying for a more normal reopening this fall. We are excited to
offer several new in-person social opportunities for our parents and I know you are looking
forward to being together as much as we look forward to welcoming you back. We are
excited to support some tangible projects in this year's fundraisers: overhauling the school
HVAC system and replacing a section of our roof. We especially look forward to growing this
year's gala, joining together in person with our three parishes at a beautiful venue. I hope to
see you there!
This year we were referencing our motto, Faith and Reason, more than ever! Please keep
Aquinas in your daily prayers, that we may be faithful to our mission, and please know of my
ongoing prayers for you and your families.
In Saint Thomas Aquinas,
Sister Mary Sheila, O.P.
" Love is patient
love is kind. "
1 Corinthians 13:4
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The Crusader - Summer 2021

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