The Crusader - Summer 2021 - 6

fter much uncertainty about the 2020-2021 school year, we were blessed to
reopen in person, 5 days per week, with an option for students to keep up with
assignments posted online if their families felt safer keeping them home. On
September 1, 2020, we joyfully welcomed the first group of our students back to
school. Students were divided into two groups, Faith and Reason, and over the course
of 4 days phased back into the school providing time to adjust to the new procedures
in small group settings. On September 7, 2020 our entire student body attended their
first full day of class. After such an abrupt end to the prior school year and several
months of uncertainty regarding the coming school year, it was a truly happy event. On
opening day, the school was ready. Mission-based signs welcomed students back to
campus and reminded them of new health routines. Stars on the floor and stanchions
dividing the hallways helped visually remind students to practice social distancing.
Electronic temperature scanners and hand sanitizing stations were present at each
entry point. Using the theme for the year, " Love is patient, love is kind " (1 Corinthians
13:4), we were reminded to be patient and kind with ourselves and others in the midst
of new stresses and procedures.
lthough COVID has brought many
challenges, it has also included
blessings. One such blessing has been
the assistance received from government
funds made available to private schools. As
we reopened Aquinas full time to students
last September, there were many additional
expenses incurred to open safely and in
compliance with state and CDC guidelines.
Along with additional expenses, Aquinas also
suffered a significant loss of income due to
the required social distancing, which resulted
in classrooms being capped at 24 students.
This decreased our enrollment, causing an
overall loss of income of almost $400,000.
While Aquinas experienced a loss of income,
our families' need for tuition assistance
increased. For the 2020-2021 school year
we provided families over $453,000 in tuition
assistance. This extraordinary amount, a 42%
increase from the prior year, was caused
by families' need related to the pandemic.
This 'perfect storm' of financial challenges
left the school in a less than desirable
position. It is due in large part to the tireless
work of the Aquinas staff and volunteers to
ensure the school is taking full advantage of
opportunities afforded to us that we end this
year in a positive financial position.
On September 1, 2020, we joyfully welcomed the first group of our students back to school.
‚óŹ Paycheck Protection Program (PPP):
Designed as a loan with an option for
forgiveness if all criteria were met, Aquinas
applied for and received a significant PPP
loan in May 2020. These funds allowed
all school faculty and staff to receive a full
paycheck through the end of the school
year, even when the school building and
on site programs were closed. As soon as
allowed, Aquinas applied for forgiveness
of this loan and we are happy to report

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