The Crusader - Summer 2021 - 7

that we were one of the first schools to
have our PPP loan fully forgiven turning
that loan into a grant.
● Elementary and Secondary Schools
Emergency Relief (ESSER): The funds
from this source were used to procure a
portion of the student devices needed to
have effective remote learning. A small
additional amount of funding was used
towards the purchase of a large capacity
electrostatic sprayer for more efficient
COVID required cleaning and sanitization.
● Title II: Title II program funds provided
a small stipend to teachers who worked
during the summer to learn Schoology,
the new learning management system
procured by the Diocese for the 20202021
school year, as well as other
needed professional development.
● Emergency Assistance for
NonPublic Schools (EANS): Aquinas
just recently received notice that our
application for EANS funds has been
approved for the full amount. Designed
to give priority to schools serving lower
income families, this grant will reimburse
specific COVID-related expenses
including cleaning, sanitization, and
additional 1:1 technology. This grant
will also provide a variety of materials
and services from the state to assist
with other COVID-related needs.
We are particularly pleased that with
EANS funds we will be able to hire an
additional Resource Teacher to assist in
addressing the learning loss suffered by
students during COVID. A special thank
you to our business manager, Mrs.
Fitzgerald, and our Finance Committee
(Mr. Zimmermann, Mr. McCann, Mr. Jim
Ferguson-no relation to our assistant
principal!-Mrs. Stauffer, and Mrs.
King) for their careful help in completing
an application that included all of our
qualified needs.
● CARES III and IV Grant: Our Extended
Day program applied for and received
two grants through the Virginia
Early Childhood Foundation which
administered funds from the CARES Act
to daycare providers who were open
during the pandemic. These funds were
used to help to defray the additional
costs of staffing and supplies that were
needed in order to maintain a safe,
secure, socially-distanced environment in
our Extended Day program.
● PWC Capital Investment and
Innovation Grant: This grant covered
100% of the cost and installation of
a Plasma Air air purification system
in the school building. The ionization
technology installed in each air handler
makes our current units more efficient at
trapping and removing contaminants in
the air including pollen and viruses.
Along with government funding, this year
Aquinas also enacted our new Aquinas
Constitution. Signed by the Bishop,
superintendent, and all three pastors, the
Constitution ensures a strong relationship
between the school and our parishes for the
future. Sister Mary Sheila is happy to share
that in this particular time of need, all three of
our pastors are providing Aquinas with strong
financial support, showing their dedication
to the faith formation of the children in their
parishes as well as their support of Aquinas
and the Dominican Sisters.
Although we have received significant
special funding, we anticipate some large,
extraordinary facilities expenses in the next
few years. Father Alvaro and the diocese
are doing a major study of our school
facilities, which are administered by Our
Lady of Angels Parish. I am glad that this
is being done professionally and well, and
that the Lord is sending special sources
of funds to Aquinas. The provision of
these funds for COVID-related needs will
allow our future school fundraisers to be
dedicated to major renovation projects.
Aquinas is blessed to be a part of the
Diocese of Arlington for many reasons.
As a member of the Diocese we are
able to participate in the Foundation
for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington
and the Diocesan Investment and
Loan Corporation (DIAL). Both of these
financial institutions have provided a
solid means of investment of our funds
while providing competitive interest rates
throughout the years including during the
pandemic. DIAL was even able to make
a special distribution to all members in
March. Aquinas strives to provide good
stewardship of all gifts entrusted to the
school and is thankful for the tools,
leadership and support provided by the
Diocese of Arlington.
A Publication of St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School

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