The Crusader - Summer 2023 - 14

ongratulations to Mrs. Cherish Reale, our Spanish
Teacher! She was one of two teachers awarded a
Catholic Teacher Award by the Catholic Business
Network of Prince William County. Teachers are nominated
for this award by their principal and are selected based
on the following criteria: demonstrated impact on
student learning and success, engagement of students
and creativity in teaching, proven leadership skills, and
commitment to serving others. Mrs. Reale excels in each
of these areas using innovative strategies to engage with
students and create a positive learning environment. A
lifelong learner herself, Mrs. Reale participates in multiple
Professional Learning Communities always seeking
research proven teaching methods to both use in her
classroom and to share with other teachers she mentors.
Thank you Mrs. Reale for all you do for Aquinas!
There was great
excitement at Aquinas
as we welcomed our
founding Principal, Sister
Christine Born for a visit
to our school on May
1st! It is not every day
that such an important
person stops by and we
wanted to make sure
Aquinas was ready. There
was a last-minute flurry
of activity as welcome
banners were hung,
desks and chairs were straightened, and everything was made to look its best. And then
Sister Christine was here, and we were ready to show her that Aquinas continues to be
the excellent school that she helped found in 1977. Sister Mary Sheila toured her through
the school showing her some of the most recent changes and introducing her in each
classroom. Her tour was followed by a gathering of all the students in the school hall where
they presented Sister Christine with handmade cards thanking her for founding Aquinas
and for coming to visit. Sister Christine gave a short talk to the students encouraging them
to work hard in school and reminding them they are each special and unique in God's eyes.
Thank you Sister Christine for coming to visit, we were honored to have you!
In 1977 Sister Christine, at the request
of Bishop Thomas J. Welsh, arrived in
Woodbridge to establish Aquinas School, now
St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School, and
served as the principal through June of 1982.
Her hard work provided a solid foundation for
Catholic education in the Woodbridge area
that has stood the test of time.
In the years following her time at Aquinas,
Sister Christine has served in several other
ministries including serving as Prioress
General (Mother) of the Dominican Sisters
of St. Cecilia in Nashville, TN from 1988 till
2000. Currently she oversees the finances
of the Dominicans and supports their retreat
house in Tennessee.
This June we celebrated the retirement
of our much-loved 4th grade teacher,
Mrs. Hilary Anderson. She had a long and
storied career teaching almost 40 years in
the Diocese of Arlington and six years at
Aquinas. Known for her love of sports, she
kept her classroom well decorated with team
memorabilia and always gave a homework
pass when the Washington Commanders
won their game. She loved her students
and encouraged them to excel. We will miss
her greatly, but she has promised to come
visit and to substitute at least occasionally.
Happy retirement, Mrs. Anderson!

The Crusader - Summer 2023

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