The Crusader - Summer 2023 - 5

We are so privileged
to welcome Sister
Mary Sabina as our
new principal. A
native of Colorado,
Sister most recently
served at our mission
in British Columbia, Canada. She has
taught students in grades Kindergarten,
2, 5, 6-8, and 9-12. Although she has
served the last 10 years in Canada, Sister
obtained her Masters in Administration
here in our own Diocese of Arlington, at
Marymount University. Sister has served
in administrative roles both in the United
States and Canada and is very excited to
join the community at Aquinas. Along with
her qualifications for service in schools,
Sister holds a Masters in Biblical Studies
from Providence College, Rhode Island. In
her free time, she enjoys hiking and roasting
her own coffee beans. Welcome Sister!
Miss Caroline Jones, our 6B Home
Room and Middle School Math
teacher, has been accepted as a
postulant in the Dominican Sisters of
St. Cecilia. We are so happy for her
but selfishly sad to see her go. Miss
Jones has been a tremendous asset
to Aquinas during her time here and
we have been blessed to have her.
A team player, Miss Jones created
fabulous, color coded middle school
schedules and never hesitated to jump
in and help where needed to include
supporting the faculty basketball team
during Catholic Schools week and
dressing up for Wilderking Day. We
look forward to hearing updates from
her on her new journey and hope that,
God willing, one day she may join us
here at Aquinas again.
Mrs. Giesey and Miss Jones as Wilderking characters
Our former Science Teacher, Miss Molly Sause,
became Sister Amata Magdalene last summer
as she completed her postulant year and
became a novice. Sister Amata Magdalene
will be a novice a total of two years as she
prepares to take her vows. Please join us in
continuing to pray for her. Just like Miss Jones,
we remain hopeful that one day Sister Amata
Magdalene will be called to serve at Aquinas
and we will have the chance to welcome her to
our school as a Dominican Sister.
At the end of this school year, we said
farewell to Sister Mary Sheila, our Principal
for the last 4 school years. She has seen the
school through historic and unprecedented
times and we are truly grateful for her
strong leadership. While we will miss Sister,
we are excited for her as she embarks on
her journey to Ireland and joins several
other Sisters there serving as missionaries
in that country. Many students at Aquinas
know that the " Sheila " in her name is Irish
for Cecilia, that she plays the Irish harp,
and that she has a special fondness for
Irish traditions. We will pray for her as she
follows God's call on a new adventure and
we know of her continued prayers for our
school community.
This year we welcomed Sister
Immaculate Marie as our 2A Teacher.
With certifications in both Levels I and II
in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd,
Sister has been a tremendous asset as
we grow our Atrium for our K-2nd grade
students. She also brings over 9 years
of teaching experience and is currently
working toward her M.A. in Theology
at Providence College. Originally from
Pennsylvania, Sister's students learned
that she is a dedicated Steelers fan!
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The Crusader - Summer 2023

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