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ceo insights Perspectives is published for the National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies 11325 Random Hills Road, Suite 110 Fairfax, VA 22030 (703) 383-3081 NAILBA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Barbara Crowley Chairman What's New at NAILBA? David Long Chair-Elect George C. Van Dusen IV Secretary/ Treasurer Raymond S. Phillips, Jr., CLU, LTCP Immediate Past Chairman Michael C. Bellig, JD, CLU Joseph Bosnack Thomas L. Gilbert, CLU, ChFC, LTCP Melinda S. Meyer Ben Nevejans Jeffrey D. Mooers Thomas Riekse, Jr. James Sorebo JACK CHIASSON, CAE NAILBA CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Stephen F. Walther NAILBA EDITORIAL ADVISORY PANEL Michael Cohen, CLU Christi M. Daughenbaugh David Johnston Sheri Leaders John McWilliams Melinda S. Meyer Jeffrey D. Mooers Lori Payne Laurie B. Prevette Michael Tessler NAILBA STAFF Jack Chiasson, CAE Chief Executive Officer Kathy Allison Director, Membership and the Foundation Susan D. Haning, CEM, CMP Director, Business Development Sarah O'Hanley Manager, Exhibits, Sponsorships and Advertising Susan Klemmer Deputy Chief Executive Officer Rachel C. Marineau, CMP Manager, Meetings and Education Meredith Maslich Administrative Coordinator John Tong Director, Administration and Operations Mark Valentini, MPP Director, Government Affairs Editor: Susan Klemmer Advertising: Susan D. Haning, CEM, CMP Design and Production: Blue House W ell, the holiday season is over, winter has most of us in its grip, and yet we're all charged up for the New Year! Is it just me, or does it seem like the last New Year just started the day before yesterday? We're fresh off the latest edition of the NAILBA Annual Meeting, and the news is all good. Good attendance, good energy, and some great times with friends both new and old. Those friendships are what make NAILBA the positive, unique, and popular organization that it has become-almost like a family for many of you! The list of "thank yous" to those who made it happen-and made it so successful-is very long, so let me just say it this way-THANK YOU!! We couldn't do it without you...and you know who you are! Is there something YOU can do to help continue this success? Let us know. We're open to ideas, suggestions, and constructive criticisms. Always remember that the NAILBA Annual Meeting is YOUR meeting. In this space in previous years, I've talked about what the New Year means for me. I've talked about starting fresh, re-commitment, and moving forward-both personally and professionally. I'm going to take a slightly different tack this year, and talk about what NAILBA is doing that is fresh, that is moving us-and you-forward, and how we are recommitting to our mission. (You know our mission, don't you? NAILBA is the premiere insurance industry organization promoting financial security and consumer choice through the use of independent brokerage distribution. Yes, I thought you did.) First and foremost, NAILBA last year adapted its bylaws to allow a wider variety of members, all of which are focused on providing financial security to the greatest number of families. Regardless of HOW you do so, helping people protect their loved ones is a valuable service-and a way for you to make a positive change in the world (or at least your little corner of it!). We welcome those who share our vision and recognize the value of our mission. Next, NAILBA leadership has recommitted to its mission of providing the best in benefits and services. Your leaders are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the value of your membership. The best way to do that is to ensure that you are as well-equipped as possible to help you deliver the products and services that you represent. From educational sessions at the Annual Meeting to programs that are made available through our relationships with other organizations, NAILBA leadership does its best to give you what you need to be a better BGA, a better business, and a better citizen in your community. That last item is accomplished each year when the NAILBA Charitable Foundation awards grants to local, childfocused charities that you work with. Your generosity in giving your time and your money to both your local charity and to the Foundation helps make that happen. It is important to note that NAILBA is not always able to provide these benefits and services to you at no cost. Sometimes the development costs (both in terms of human capital and real dollars) of new programs are just too great to be able to "give it away," but the commitment from your leaders that NAILBA will try to provide them affordably for the greatest number of people remains a priority. And finally, on the "moving forward" front, NAILBA's premiere publication, Perspectives, is moving into the digital age! Beginning with this issue, you will be able to enjoy Perspectives from your desktop, your tablet, and/or your phone. Previous issues were (and remain) available on the NAILBA website as .pdf documents, but now you can read it in true digital format. I encourage you to check it out at Click on the banner at the top of the NAILBA home page, and see what I'm talking about! What's next for NAILBA? YOU should be helping us answer that question! Please don't hesitate to reach out-to me, to any NAILBA staff member, to any NAILBA Board member. You can reach me at, or 703.383.3081. As always, I look forward to hearing from you. Creative Director: Elinor Van Dyck Designer: Jessica Feirtag 11

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NAILBA Perspectives - January/February 2014
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Perspectives - January/February 2014