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nailba's agency successor networking group Maintaining Forward Momentum A Have you been identified as the next sitting principal of your agency? The ASNG Planning Team works diligently to reach out to others in the industry who have transition experience and are willing to share what they learned in the process. Contact Rachel Marineau, NAILBA's Manager of Meetings & Education, at 703.383.3069 or for more information on the Agency Successor Networking Group. s another year begins, the ASNG brings its second productive year to a close. After a face to face meeting at NAILBA 32 members of the group go back to their offices renewed and revitalized. This past November ASNG members took the time to converse in small groups during their Round Table Session at NAILBA's Annual Meeting. "This session that we had in Dallas this year was fantastic! It was our best yet-I got so much out of talking candidly on different issues with other members. I'm really excited to get back to the office and put some of the shared knowledge to use," enthused Scott Blumberg, Blumberg Financial Services, LLC. The group split into three separate groups and sought the exchange of best practices with their peers on topics such as: new technology and tools that create efficiencies in their agencies; non-traditional marketing strategies; legal, administrative and organizational issues; agency management software; and developing a plan to keep the business running while the succession is taking place. Many members returned to their offices with ideas on how to approach several potential concerns within their agency that they hadn't realized would soon become their responsibility. The session in Dallas caps another year for this new networking group made up of agency leaders who have, or are getting ready to, transition into ownership roles within their agencies. Throughout the previous year, the group met on a monthly basis to talk through challenges facing their business and brainstorm on ideas to improve existing practices. On the group's first call of the calendar year, Lauri Beck of Insurance Network America, Inc. and an active member of the ASNG, was gracious enough to speak to the group on the ins and outs of the Affordable Care Act and the impact it will have on small businesses and agencies. "It's a very complex law that took quite a bit of time to read through and understand. I was more than happy to share my knowledge with the group and offer some facts about what this law really does, who it impacts, and actions that will need to be taken," said Lauri. The response to the first teleconference where Lauri divulged her knowledge of the PPACA was so enthusiastic, the ASNG Planning Committee asked her to reprise the talk later on in the year as the law began to go into effect. "Lauri's knowledge of the PPACA (Patient Protection and 34 perspectives JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2013 Affordable Care Act) was impressive. She shared a lot of helpful information and links which gave me a better understanding of what's covered and not covered under this new law," commented Brittany Cross of Labyrinth Financial Services. The ASNG covered a large variety of topics throughout the year and heard from many different people within the industry, including individuals from within their own group. They learned what they could be doing better when it comes to recruiting from Professional Development Committee member Jim Dobler with Cannex as he explained NAILBA's new Recruitment Practices Workbook and how to make it work most effectively within their own agency. Other teleconference topics throughout the year focused on using new technology to market to clients, different ways to offer incentives to marketers and external recruiters, buying renewals, motivating employees and building morale, and also potential problems that can arise during a succession. As the group goes into 2014 there are plans to continue monthly teleconferences and strengthen their inner relationships by meeting over the phone in small groups throughout the year. "I am so excited to be a part of the ASNG. It's a group whose time has come. I learned so much from everyone at the meeting in Dallas, and got a few answers to questions I hadn't yet considered," remarked new ASNG Member, Bill Levinson with Levinson & Associates, Inc. "I'm really looking forward to continuing to participate in this group throughout the coming year."

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Perspectives - January/February 2014