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chairman's corner 2014: Be Proud, Stand Tall, Opportunities Abound I BARBARA CROWLEY NAILBA CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD t is with great pride that I begin my year of service to NAILBA as the 2014 NAILBA Chair. My family and I have been part of this industry for more than 60 years and I have never been more proud of what this industry represents and of the critical role that NAILBA plays in it. I grew up in this business and many of you have become family to me. It's an honor represent this vital organization as your Chair. I would especially like to thank my predecessor, Ray Phillips, for his leadership over the past year. As I look back on the years that I have spent in this industry and consider all of the change that has occurred, it is staggering. From the products and services that we provide, to the consumers, to the competitive landscape, we are in a rapidly changing industry. But there is one thing that has never changed and moving forward never will: consumers need us. It is easy to forget just how critical our products and services are. As I write this there are families who have recently lost a loved one unexpectedly. Some were prepared and others were not. In the midst of emotional devastation no family should suffer through financial devastation. That is what our industry represents to me. Protecting the families of America and helping them prepare for all the things that should not have to happen to people but do. On top of that, the strategic benefits of some of the products that we offer to the public are incredible. I cannot think of a more noble industry to be engaged in than this one. It is more important than ever that, together, we promote this industry proudly. As the average age of the professionals in our industry climbs, it is absolutely critical that we share our needs-based indus- try with new generations of professionals. We need insurance carriers, insurance organizations, marketing groups, and advisors to share our knowledge and expertise with younger generations to ensure that we remain viable and are able to insure the families of the future. The best way to share our industry with the public is to ensure that the public owns and understands the value of the products that we sell. Millions of families are uninsured and underinsured. We have to work tirelessly to ensure that our distribution channels understand the critical nature of the protection that we provide and proudly offer our products and services to the consumers. NAILBA 32 recently concluded in Dallas. It was a perfect event to illustrate what I have just said. From the speakers communicating with passion, to the top notch exhibit hall, it was an amazing event. I want to thank everyone who attended and played a role in the meeting, especially our sponsors, exhibitors, and our outstanding NAILBA staff. We are assembling a group of industry professionals in March to review NAILBA's strategic plan, which was last refreshed in 2011. With all of the changes occurring in the industry is it very important to remain focused on our strategy for the future and navigate ahead with purpose. I welcome your thoughts regarding this issue. You have a voice and we would love to hear it. If you are interested in reviewing our current strategic plan, it is available on the NAILBA web site (www. under "About NAILBA." I encourage all of you to check it out. As we focus the next few months on renewing our memberships with NAILBA (have you renewed yet? I have!), I encourage you to review the many benefits your NAILBA membership provides. NAILBA offers a community of BGAs that you can rely on for support; tools to help you manage your business; and professional development for you, your staff, and the producers who work with you. Our outstanding committees develop Annual Meeting content, legislative opinion, professional development tools, and more. When you are completing your renewal application, give thoughtful consideration to checking the box that asks if you or a member of your staff is interested in volunteering on a committee. I have been proud to serve on many NAILBA committees, which have ultimately led me to this point. We should all be proud of the revised membership categories that were introduced last year. It has been a long time coming and a lot of thought and consideration went into the changes. Growing NAILBA's membership is an important challenge that we will continue to address. We need to ensure that we maintain the integrity of NAILBA's core focus-wholesale life brokerage-while being inclusive and thinking differently in the future than we have in the past. As with our own businesses, the most powerful way to grow the organization is through referral. Please consider referring other BGAs to membership in our great organization. The stronger the membership, the stronger our advocacy for the industry. In closing, I want to reiterate my enthusiasm for 2014 and the opportunity to work with an outstanding board of directors, a devoted staff, and all of you! Please share your thoughts with me throughout the year by email to 9

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