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nailba charitable foundation Your Foundation Needs Your Support P JOHN RIPPINGER, CLU, CFP, CHFC, RHU, LUTCF, REBC PRESIDENT, NAILBA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION articipating on the NAILBA Charitable Foundation's Board of Directors has caused me to pay particular attention to other organizations and their fundraising efforts. What works, what doesn't, what caught my eye. . . and why. For example, National Public Radio does its public fundraising twice a year, via week long appeals around their regular programming. Are you an NPR fan? Then you've endured those weeks where the hosts endlessly implore listeners to call in and give. They have dozens of volunteers manning the phones all day every day for that week, and they offer many different "gifts" at different levels of giving. The NAILBA Foundation decided long ago to forego "gifts" for our donors. Prizes and gifts cost money that we believe is better spent on the grants we give each year. It shouldn't be about the "stuff" anyway, right? Who needs another travel mug or shopping bag? Our "hook" is much more personal. Your Foundation supports charities where you live and work. We count on you to be involved locally, and to sponsor a charity to apply for a grant from the NAILBA Charitable Foundation. Grant applications were recently mailed to all NAILBA members and corporate partners; we count on you to be sure the charities you support get that application and a letter of support from you. Your generosity means we get letters like this one from a child who is a cancer survivor and teen ambassador for the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children. They received a grant in 2013, sponsored by James Meaders, of NAILBA member agency National Insurance Brokerage. Completed grant applications are due July 18, 2014. Grant fund- ing notifications will be provided at the end of the summer to organizations selected to receive grants. Grantees and their sponsors will be highlighted at NAILBA 33 in Hollywood, Florida, as well as in the November/December issue of Perspectives. And don't forget that it's not too late to have a contribution included in this year's fundraising! Several marketing groups have committed to their own matching programs again this year. They've committed $10,000 to match that amount donated by their members to kick us off into our second decade. Be sure to ask your marketing group if they're participating so you can double the impact of your donation. June 30 is the deadline for contributions to be included in this year's grant cycle. Ask yourself how you can make a difference, to the successful grant funding provided by the NAILBA Charitable Foundation, and possibly in the life of a child and her family who needs our help. Thank you. 28 perspectives MAY/JUNE 2014

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NAILBA Perspectives - May/June 2014