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nailba charitable foundation Starting New I LOUIE CASON PRESIDENT, NAILBA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION t's a new year, with new beginnings, and new goals. With the generous support of NAILBA's members and corporate partners, we were able to celebrate achieving our fundraising goals in the last fiscal year, and have made tremendous inroads toward even greater goals for this year. The annual meeting presents us with our greatest opportunities for fundraising. This is the one time each year that we gather face-toface and have the chance to recognize the Foundation leadership and the support we get each year from our member donors and corporate partners. It is truly humbling to see how successful the Silent and Live Auctions were this year, in addition to the tremendous enthusiasm of all our meeting attendees who participated in the Legal 1 3 20 perspectives JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2015 & General raffle. We can't thank them (and you!) enough. Taken together, I am proud to report that we are more than $100,000 closer to those goals. NAILBA does so much to support the independent agent and the brokerage GA's that are the backbone of that system. It's also an industry with a heart. When our agency joined NAILBA, I was looking at different ways to be able to give back and become involved. When I learned about the NAILBA Charitable Foundation, it sounded like the one place where I might be able to be of help. Unlike our immediate Past President, John Rippinger, I didn't know Colonel Felton other than by his great reputation. But I did mention to his son, John, that I would like to get involved and shortly thereafter found myself on the Foundation Board of Directors. So here I am, several years later, taking the mantle from a long line of people that have done great things for this Foundation. Mr. Rippinger moves to an advisory role as Past President, and his predecessor, Myra Palmer, rotates off after many years of leadership. Also rotating off the Board of Directors is Anthony Vossenberg. Anthony and Genworth have been and continue to be strong supporters of the Foundation. It was under the leadership of John, Myra, and Anthony, along with the other Board members over the last several years that the Marketing Group Matching Programs have developed so successfully. Our organization and the Foundation Board need to offer them a great deal of thanks for their hard work taking the Foundation through 2

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NAILBA Perspectives - January/February 2015
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NAILBA Perspectives - January/February 2015