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nailba charitable foundation Foundation Grants 101 Where do I Fit Into This Picture? MICHAEL T. SMITH PRESIDENT, NAILBA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION Staff contemplates a growing mountain of grant applications last year. T his year, we made a very concerted effort to mail NAILBA Charitable Foundation Grant Applications to not only NAILBA members, but to as many exhibitor, sponsor, and advertiser contacts as we could identify. You may be thinking, "But why don't you mail the applications to the people who should be applying for a grant?" And the answer is simple: Because the first and foremost requirement of an organization applying for a grant is to have a NAILBA member or corporate partner be their sponsor. We want to know that you are active in your community-it's good for business and it just feels good- and you know best who is deserving of a Foundation grant. We're looking for smaller organizations with a project that needs funding who will feel the impact of a Foundation grant more than larger charities. Those bigger charities do some awesome things, but we want the impact of a NAILBA Charitable Foundation grant to be felt much closer to home. By the time you're reading this, the 2015 Grant Application deadline will be looming. Grant applications are due July 17. If you haven't yet shared the grant application with a local charity familiar to you, get on it! Most organizations have someone on their staff, either paid or volunteer, who knows how to answer the simple questions and collect the required documentation to submit an application. Your job is to be sure they Fresno Survivors of Suicide Loss (SOS) volunteers, along with sponsor Jess Wardwell of NAILBA member agency CPS Impact, show their appreciation for a grant from the Foundation. 16 perspectives JULY/AUGUST 2015

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NAILBA Perspectives - July/August 2015
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NAILBA Perspectives - July/August 2015