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life happens Life Happens Pro-Your Personal Marketing Department BY MARC SCHWARTZ, J.D., CLU N AILBA Chairman David Long speaks with Life Happens Chair Marc Schwartz about the new initiatives Life Happens is bringing to members and the industry at large. David Long: You did a brand refresh last year and are now Life Happens. You're also launching a brand new initiative-Life Happens Pro-that seems unique in the industry. Tell me about it. Marc Schwartz: This all stemmed from a strategic plan we did several years ago. Since then, we've made some groundbreaking strides on becoming an indispensible partner for those with "boots on the ground." We've just launched Life Happens Pro (, which is a self-service, online platform that offers brokers, agents, and advisors a simple and costeffective way to leverage what are truly best in class insurance marketing resources that can drive their businesses. For the first time, NAILBA members can now access and personalize Life Happens' huge library of educational materials, including videos, flyers, brochures, social media assets, online calculators, and other tools for their marketing and outreach efforts. It's really a game-changer. DL: Game-changer, how so? MS: It comes down to time and expense. Most of us are small businesses, and the difficulty we often have is bringing value to agents and advisors. We don't have large marketing budgets or dedicated staff creating marketing and educational resources for producers and the clients they work with. We don't have the time or staff to pull together extensive campaigns or create content to keep a website from getting stale ... The list goes on. With Life Happens Pro, those issues go away. It's an affordable way to do things we've never been able to do before. Let's just take one example. You can now embed a Real Life Story video on your website. In less than two minutes, you have a high-quality educational video-which can cost upwards of $40,000 to create-on your website. But that's just the start. Flyers can be customized with your contact information and branding; you can embed the popular Life Insurance Needs Calculator right on your website; you can access hundreds of graphics that are ready for posting on social media sites. The bottom line: Life Happens Pro is now your personal marketing department. I'm so excited about Life Happens Pro. It's a powerhouse that will allow us, along with the agents and advisors we with work with, to do incredible outreach at a ridiculously low price point. DL: Tell me how this changes NAILBA members' access to Life Happens materials, given that there's a fee. MS: It doesn't change the benefits that NAILBA members already have. They can still 26 perspectives JULY/AUGUST 2015

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NAILBA Perspectives - July/August 2015