NAILBA Perspectives - Winter 2018 - 7

chairman's corner
Perspectives is published for the
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Life Brokerage Agencies
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Predictions 2018

Jeffrey D. Mooers
Myra Palmer
Seixas Milner III
James Sorebo
Immediate Past Chairman
Brittany Cross
John Gilbert



Jason E. Lea, CFP
Ben Nevejans
Victoria Van Dusen-Roos

Scott Blumberg
Christi M. Daughenbaugh
Sheri Leaders
Jeffrey D. Mooers
Lori Payne
Laurie B. Prevette
Thomas Riekse, Jr., ChFC, CEBS
Michael Tessler

Daniel LaBert
Chief Executive Officer
Kathy Allison
Director, Membership and the Foundation
Ana M. Carreras
Manager, Finance and Administration
Joangel Concepcion
Executive Assistant to the CEO/
Media Specialist
Susan Klemmer
Chief Operating Officer
Ellen Toups
Director, Advertising, Exhibits
and Sponsorships
Editor: Susan Klemmer
Advertising: Ellen Toups
Design and Production: Blue House
Creative Director: Elinor Van Dyck

1. I predict that Dan LaBert
will be the CEO of NAILBA on
December 31, 2018. You'll
notice this is not a limb onto
which I've gone. Dan took over
the job in October 2017, so I'm
basically saying he'll keep the
job for a year. And that we'll
keep him for a year.
Truth is Dan has hit the ground
in a full sprint. He's turning over
every NAILBA rock there is. And
frankly, he's uncovered a few kind
of slimy and squiggly bugs that
could use a little RAID™. I believe
the best thing about 'D the B' is
his engaging personality-his ability to communicate effectively on
our behalf. But that Dan hasn't
even really surfaced yet; as of
now, he's been in the weeds, clearing and cleaning. And it's working. We needed a refresh, and we're
getting it.
2. I predict that Myra Palmer will
be Chairman of the NAILBA Board
on January 1, 2019. Another bold proclamation. Basically,
what I'm trying to say is
■■ I'm going to TRY to last the full
12 months, but no promises.
■■ The goal is to not have Myra run
screaming for the hills.
■■ NAILBA will be here, all year long.
3. I predict that the NAILBA Member Benefits will be better mar-

keted and more heavily utilized
in the coming year.
How many of you are using
NAILBA Network? That's rhetorical-we can look it up, and it's not
enough of us. The better question
is, why are you not using the Network? It's easy. It's in real time.
And I doubt there's an Independent
Distribution question out there
that won't be answered immediately by the Network community. This
is a 'value-add' that we should be
using a couple/few times a week.
■■ How do you pay your marketers?
■■ What's a typical Case Count
for a manager? Do they order
APSs? Exams?
■■ Who's good on pot smokers?
(A California question......)
■■ Do you like your CRM?
Anything you want to know-
just ask the Network.
MyVoice will see a resurgence as
well. If you have any large, global
issues you think NAILBA should
tackle, by all means, let us know.
We've already stepped up our
educational game, but you'll see
a ton more as the year progresses.
Education is a critical theme
of our Strategic Plan, and NAILBA
is in a unique position to provide
BGA growth.
The ASNG will continue to
evolve. The Foundation will Rock
On. Just stay connected.
4. I predict the C.R.A.P. will
come out smelling like a rose.
This would be the Chairmen's
Review And Planning Committee, of course. Many of your
past Chairmen have committed
to helping me, and your Board,
and NAILBA on our quest to
bring members the max ROI.
And you don't have to be a past
Chairman to participate. After
our Annual Meeting, I received
letters and cards in the mail,

emails, texts, and phone
calls-EVERY ONE an effort to
help NAILBA get better. This is
a group that knows that a rising tide raises all ships, and
that we can all help each other
get better.
5. I predict that NAILBA will enjoy
a real, and deep, and meaningful relationship with our many
IMO partners. This may not be
easy, but it's critical. We have
buy in from a handful of IMO's
all ready to work together for
the NAILBA members' success.
Because your success is their
success is NAILBA's success.
We'll get creative, and we will
build new roads.
6. I predict that I will not fit into
the suits I wore for NAILBA 36 at
NAILBA 37. It's a long story. No
it isn't. I'm getting fatter.
7. I predict a triumphant return to
HONOR within our industry. A
renaissance of honest and predictable products delivered to
those who need them by professionals who understand and
believe in them. I'd love to see
the kitchen table return as a
sales tool. I'd love to see illustrations fit on fewer than 40
pages. I'd love to see policy
sales go UP.
I am honored to serve as NAILBA
Chairman of the Board for 2018. I
love this industry, I love brokerage,
I love Impaired Risk, I love helping
people, I love NAILBA-its past,
its present, and its future. I am
genuinely excited about what's
going to happen this year. We
have the relevance, we have the
leverage-this is our foundation.
With Dan, and with a renewed
NAILBA, we will stop at nothing to
bring our members success.
Thank you for the privilege
to serve. 7

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