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newsline URISA Seeks GIS Hall of Fame Nominations The Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) is seeking nominations for its GIS Hall of Fame, which honors the best in GIS. Qualifying nominees must possess at least 25 years of sustained professional involvement in the GIS field; have made original and creative contributions to the field; be well known and respected by a wide range of peers; and demonstrate consistent sound professional and personal ethics. URISA welcomes nominations from any profession; the award is not restricted to those having a past or current relationship with URISA. Nominations must be submitted to URISA by May 1. For more information, visit www.urisa.org. committee for the National Association of Secretaries of State. NCSS and its Johnston County Chapter were instrumental in making the pilot project a success. Utilizing World Wide Notary’s e-signing and e-notarization solution, DigaSign, surveyors can export a PDF map from their CAD system. In DigaSign, the surveyor designates who should be signing the map and locates the signature and date coordinates with a simple point-and-place technique. An e-mail is automatically sent to all designated signers that contains a package key and password granting access to review and electronically sign the plat map. The signatures on the map look identical to a paper document. Once all signatures are acquired, a completion e-mail is automatically sent to all parties. The surveyor exports a PDF from DigaSign to store on a local hard drive. The surveyor then logs into Electronic Document Logistics’ SubmitPRO Web-based e-recording solution, selects the County Register of Deeds, attaches the signed PDF map and submits the map electronically. The Register of Deeds electronically stamps the annotation in the left margin of the map. The surveyor logs back in and retrieves the county e-recorded map. The surveyor can then print out paper copies of the map as needed. Pilot participants included World Wide Notary, Electronic Document Logistics, Johnston County Register of Deeds Craig Olive, Johnston County Planning Office, Byrd Surveying, McKim and Creed, and True Line Surveying. Visit the online version of this article at www.pobonline.com to view a step-by-step demonstration of the entire workflow. Key GITA Leaders Appointed to NGAC Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar appointed three key Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) leaders to the National Geospatial Advisory Committee (NGAC). The appointed individuals include GITA’s 2010 president, Cindi Salas, director of CenterPoint Energy; 2010 President-Elect Dr. Robert F. Austin of the City of Tampa; and research committee chair and Past President David DiSera of EMA Inc. A total of 14 individuals were appointed in February to serve on the NGAC, which provides recommendations on federal geospatial policy and management issues and serves as a forum to convey views representative of partners in the geospatial community. For more information, visit www.fgdc.gov/ngac. U.S. Coast Guard Terminates U.S. LORAN-C The U.S. Coast Guard terminated the transmission of all U.S. LORAN-C signals effective Feb. 8, 2010, rendering the signal permanently unusable. The Homeland Security Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2010 allowed for the termination after certification from the commandant of the Coast Guard that it was not needed for maritime navigation and from the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security that it was not needed as a backup for GPS. This termination does not affect U.S. participation in the Russian American or Canadian LORAN-C chains. ● January Quick Poll Results How is 2010 most likely to play out for your firm? 4% 8% ● County Launches Electronic Recording of Maps Johnston County, N.C., began accepting optional e-recorded e-signed surveying maps in February. “This is a great historic moment in the development of eCommerce in North Carolina,” said Secretary of State Elaine F. Marshall at the annual conference of the North Carolina Society of Surveyors (NCSS) in February. Marshall chaired the electronic notarization standard setting 10 MARCH 2010 | Point of Beginning | www.pobonline.com Further revenue declines with no bottom in sight. 32% 13% ● A flat start with a gradual increase in business later in the year. 15% ● Mostly flat with a recovery not expected until sometime 28% in 2011 or later. ● Continued declines followed by a slow recovery later in the year. ● Minimal growth with a few opportunities for new business. ● Substantial growth with numerous opportunities for new business. Total Votes = 130 ● March Quick Poll Question How do you feel about the increasing trend toward electronic filing of plats and other land records? Visit www.pobonline.com to vote! http://www.urisa.org http://www.urisa.org http://www.fgdc.gov/ngac http://www.pobonline.com/Articles/Features/BNP_GUID_9-5-2006_A_10000000000000768190 http://www.pobonline.com http://www.pobonline.com

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