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new¬able TOPCON POSITIONING SYSTEMS introduced the FC-250 field controller featuring “nextgeneration” technology in an IP66-rated rugged, compact unit. The FC-250 operates on Windows Mobile Version 6.5. The PC performance with 806-MHz processor and 256MB SDRAM is designed to significantly speed data collection in the field. A built-in Bluetooth modem and wireless LAN capability are standard features. Additional features include a 3.7" touchscreen display; SD/CF card slots; USB/DE-9 com ports; and quick battery access. A spread spectrum radio (RS-1) and long-range Bluetooth modem (RS-1B) are optional attachments. (www.topconpositioning.com) ASHTECH released the ProMark 500 V4.0 GNSS receiver for high-performance RTK surveying. Key new features include faster signal acquisition and improved tracking capability; auto dial for easier connection to RTK networks and automatic reconnect to the last mount point; USB key plug-and-play configuration; RTC bridge to relay GSM/GPRS RTK network corrections to multiple rovers via license-free radios; U-Link TRx radio repeater support; virtual antenna for improved equipment integration within a heterogeneous set of surveying equipment; L2C signal support; and a 20-Hz RTK and data-output option. New software upgrades for FAST Survey field software and GNSS Solutions office software, which includes new geoids and new utilities, are available for the V4.0 release. Current users may download the upgrades for free at the Ashtech FTP site. Also, ASHTECH introduced the ProFlex Lite and the ProFlex Lite Duo. Proflex Lite is a GNSS sensor that allows OEMs and system integrators to easily integrate RTK positioning into applications. The rugged positioning solution delivers enhanced real-time precision down to centimeter level. It is scalable, cost-effective and available in a variety of configurations from L1 GPS+Glonass+SBAS up to L1/L2 GPS+Glonass+SBAS. ProFlex Lite works as either a base or a rover and is ideally suited for mobile positioning and navigation onboard solutions for which precision and flexibility are equally important. ProFlex Lite Duo (pictured) is a dual GNSS board sensor designed for heading, relative positioning, and long-range RTK computations. Available in a variety of configurations, ProFlex Lite Duo uses GPS, Glonass and SBAS constellations to offer powerful real-time capabilities to suit a wide array of precise-positioning needs in aircraft, ships and earthmoving equipment. (www.ashtech.com) SOKKIA CORP. released the Series 50RX reflectorless total stations with breakthrough durability and increased measurement speed. The 42 MARCH 2010 | Point of Beginning | www.pobonline.com new high-temperature models operate in –4 F up to 140 F; standard models operate in –4 F to 122 F; and low-temperature models operate in –22 F to 122 F. Using a built-in temperature sensor, all models automatically maintain optimal contrast and visibility of the LCD display. The IP66-rated instrument includes IP6x and IPx6. Measurement range is extended to 1,310', and all measurement results are displayed within 1.7 to 4.2 seconds. A newly developed dual-axis tilt sensor increases working range to ±6'. The 2" models are newly equipped with the independent angle calibration system. The angle encoder system features innovative technology to automatically detect and correct misreading of encoder patterns. Other features include narrow red EDM beam for pinpoint reflectorless measurement; Class 1 safe laser output in prism/sheet modes; green/red guide light built into the telescope; SD or SDHC card slot; USB slot; and password protection. Built-in Bluetooth module and built-in laser plummet are optional. (www.sokkia.com) ZOLLER + FRÖHLICH GMBH (Z+F) released the IMAGER 5006EX, the world’s only explosion-proof 3D laser scanner, the company reports. The IMAGER 5006EX is class I and class II approved according to ATEX directive 94/9/EC. Due to the great point density and excellent accuracy, the IMAGER 5006EX can be used in various applications. (www.zf-usa.com) TRIMBLE introduced Trimble 4D Control Version 2.0 software featuring integrated GNSS and optical measurement monitoring. The fully scalable and versatile approach of the system makes it easy for surveying organizations to get started in monitoring. Surveyors can now integrate positioning data from Trimble GNSS receivers to detect rapid motion and long-term movement trends. GNSS receivers can be used in conjunction with optical target monitoring to examine the stability of control to ensure accurate optical measurements. The software works seamlessly with the Trimble NetRS GPS, NetR3 Reference Sensor, NetR5 or NetR8 GNSS receivers. Also, TRIMBLE announced Trimble DPS Mobile software. Designed for use with the BlackBerry smartphone, DPS Mobile enables users to easily transfer data from a Trimble digital pen to the office for faster, more-accurate data transfer and communications. Mobile workers can use Trimble digital pens to write on printed Microsoft Excel forms and PDF files. The written information can then be transferred to a BlackBerry smartphone via a Bluetooth connection and e-mailed to the office for integration into the original Excel and PDF files using Trimble DPS software. Once digitized, the documents can be shared with project teams and designers. Trimble DPS Mobile software for the BlackBerry smartphone is expected to be available during the first quarter of 2010. http://www.topconpositioning.com http://www.sokkia.com http://www.zf-usa.com http://www.ashtech.com http://www.pobonline.com

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