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2009’S MOST REQUESTED PRODUCTS For the past 12 months, the readers of Walls & Ceilings have told us what products and literature were of interest to them by filling out the reader action cards. Tallied from hundreds of entries, the following have appeared in the Product Focus and Toolbox departments. In no particular order, here’s what you told us you found of interest. Cornerbead cutter BEAD BULLY INC. The Bead Bully is designed to cut the 45-degree miter of all four types of bullnose corner bead with no special tools required. It comes fully assembled and ready to use inside a durable PVC case, including all the guides and blades needed to make professional bead cuts. The product has built-in safety features to prevent accidents. The thumb shield flips down automatically without impairing its line-of-sight. Each blade and guide is available to order. If you read this article, please circle number 293. Drywall backing STRAIT-FLEX X-Crack is a patented metal die cut material made from 22-gauge galvanized steel designed to eliminate cracks in drywall off angles and inside 90-degree corners in flat ceiling areas. The patented hinged rigid backbone, continuous fastening area and flexible tab design, hold drywall joint stationary while framing members can move independently of the drywall. The tabs conform and attach to framing members while the adjustable rigid backbone remains straight. It is adjustable to any angle and installs in minutes. If you read this article, please circle number 292. Drywall fastener back-up PREST-ON The Framerback is designed as a substitute for bulky, non-structural drywall corner back-up. The patented perforations accept drywall screws randomly and hardfasten the edge of the sheet to the remaining structural stud. The electro-galvanized steel fasteners nest together and work with all drywall thicknesses. In addition, the Framerback hard-fastens the ceiling sheet to the top plate of the partition instead of the truss bottom, eliminating callbacks due to ceiling partition separation or truss uplift cracks. An 18- to 24-inch interval between the top plate and the first row of truss screws allows the drywall to flex, reducing cracks. If you read this article, please circle number 294. | Walls & Ceilings | December 2009

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