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TOOLBOX Air barrier and waterproofing material STO CORP . StoGuard RapidSeal is a one-component air barrier and waterproof material used to protect rough openings and for transition detailing in above-grade wall construction. The product was created in conjunction with installers looking to improve on an already efficient system. Additional features and benefits include: • Fast Cure: Allows work to proceed quickly without costly delays and interruptions to work schedules • Eliminates mesh, fabric and tapes at rough openings (when used with StoGuard coatings) • Cures in wet weather and on damp substrates: Avoids costly wet weather work shut downs or wash-offs; adheres to damp substrates without blistering or increase in drying time. • Installs down to near freezing temperatures: Extends construction period deeper into cold weather season. • Easy to install: Does not require highly skilled applicator work force • Low VOC and South Coast AQMD Compliant If you read this article, please circle number 332. the Paint sprayer TITAN The Impact Series 440 paint sprayer offers reliability, improved performance, advanced features, and a long warranty period. The product is an improvement on the 440i series. It has electronic pressure control for more reliable performance, a New Sureflo Pusher Valve that unsticks the lower ball valve fast, a new auto-Oiler, a full-sized manifold filter, and spraying package including the LX-80 inch gun, 517 reversible tip and 1/4 inch by 50 foot airless hose. If you read this article, please circle number 331. New tools for plasterers GATORBACK The company's mortarboards and mortarpans significantly increase the workability of stucco while increasing daily production and cutting material waste because they don’t absorb water from material. The boards and pans are made of UV-treated polymer resin that is nearly indestructible and light-weight. Their rigid structure and strength ensures they will not warp, rot or breakdown like plywood boards. If you read this article, please circle number 333. Environmentally friendly furring system SUPERIOR POLYMER PRODUCTS The EcoStud is a furring product designed specifically for furring out block or poured concrete walls. The product is produced from recycled resin, it does not rot, rust, corrode, support mold or termite growth, and provides a thermal break when attached directly to exterior concrete or block. The product can be used with all forms of insulation, fiberglass bat, blown-in cellulose, extruded polystyrene foam and when used with spray applied high density closed cell foam, it provides a continuous, moisture barrier and insulation package. If you read this article, please circle number 335. Outside square cornerbead PHILLIPS MANUFACTURING CO. The kwikSTIK No Bead Super Wide outside square corner bead is designed as an economical product as it features no bead, meaning minimal joint compound is required for installation. This product features extra wide flanges for additional coverage where needed. No fasteners or nails are needed for installation and specially engineered paper provides strong mud and paint adhesion. The product meets ASTM standard C1047 minimum requirement for a strong, durable corner. If you read this article, please circle number 336. | Walls & Ceilings | December 2009

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Walls & Ceilings - December 2009