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20 jan uary VO L U M E 7 3 N U M B E R 1 features columns 06 46 48 50 52 Up Front by Mark Fowler 14 Oasis of Quiet O i fQ i t Acoustic hot spots diffuse sound and enhance design in open plenum environments. The Finish Line by Robert Thomas 17 Saving the Environment— One Square Foot of Ceiling at a Time North Carolina contractor has recycled more than one million square feet of old ceiling tiles rather than dumping them in a landfill. All Things Gypsum by Michael Gardner Smart Business by Jim Olsztynski 20 Bear the Weight With cold-formed steel, largest student housing construction project in U.S. history is completed. Straight Green by Chris Dixon 24 Steely Band of Manufacturers One metal framing provider comments on the economy, national and global sales conditions, and government assistance. departments 8 13 56 57 58 Trade News Product Focus Bench Test Classified Marketplace Advertiser Directory 28 ICFs Blocked, Locked and No Smoking Barrels High-tech demands and needs of tomorrow’s buildings can be addressed by ICFs’ adaptable and energy-efficient wall systems. 30 Special Spec Sheet Section on the cover January 2010 Volume 73, Issue 1 The Voice of the Industry Since 1938™ I L I N G S I S S U Chicago Metallic Seismic 1200 and 10-inch Infinity Perimeter Trim products used in the linear wood grille and curved floating ceilings were installed by Delta Drywall at Wellspring Medical Center, Woodburn, Ore. ON THE WEB www.wconline.com Breaking News W&C Blogs Web-only Features Special Sections W&C Architect W&C Digital Edition Media Kit Facebook White Papers/ Case Studies | Walls & Ceilings | January 2010 http://www.wconline.com

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Walls & Ceilings - January 2010
Up Front
Trade News
Product Focus
Oasis of Quiet
Saving the Environment - One Square Foot of Ceiling at a Time
Bear the Weight
Steely Band of Manufacturers
ICFs Blocked, Locked and No Smoking Barrels
The Finish Line
All Things Gypsum
Smart Business
Straight Green
Bench Test
Classified Marketplace
Advertiser Directory
Special Spec Sheet Section

Walls & Ceilings - January 2010