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The first recorded inhabitants of the Menominee River Basin were a small Algonquin tribe known as "the wild rice people." Journals of seventeenth and early eighteenth century explorers describe a tribe of forty to eighty men living in a single village at the mouth of the Menominee River. By the early 1820's, the Menominee numbered about 500 men, and were scattered throughout a dozen villages in Wisconsin. Between 1670 and the early 1800's, various explorers, fur traders and missionaries visited the area as they passed by on the water routes of Green Bay and the Menominee River. The first known white settler on the Menominee River was Stanislaus Chappu, or Chappee, a French-Canadian fur trader who operated a trading post at the One of the earliest missionaries was Jean Nicolet, who is believed to have skirted the shore of Green Bay and to have entered the Menominee River in 1634. In 1640, Father LeJeune preached to the Menominee Indians. Father Claude Allouez visited the Menominee Tribe in 1669, and the following spring opened the Mission of St. Michael on Mission Point on the Wisconsin side of the Menominee River in Marinette. In 1673, Father Marquette and Father Joliet, on their way from Mackinac to the Fox River Portage, visited the mouth of the Menominee River. It was not until the year 1796 that a white man came to Menominee to stay. This first inhabitant site of Marinette between 1794 and 1824. Another fur trader, William Farnsworth, arrived at the Menominee River Basin in 1822. Two years later he usurped Chappee's position as the area's fur trader as he forcibly ejected Chappee from his trading post with the help of nearby Chippewa Indians. Farnsworth and his Native American common law-wife, Marinette, after whom the city is said to have taken its name, operated the trading business from the log post for several years. Farnsworth's companion, who was sometimes referred to as Queen Marinette, acquired considerable skill in managing the fur trading business. Marinette became virtually solely responsible for the business, as Farnsworth began to devote was a French Canadian voyager named Chappee, who came here as an agent for the American Fur Company and established a post. At the time of the first settlement of Menominee County all of the country from Menominee River to Lake Huron belonged to Mackinac County. It was a wilderness with neither civil officers nor white people to fill the offices. Subsequently a county was established reaching from Lake Michigan to the Menominee River and called Delta County. It was attached to Mackinaw County for judicial purposes. time to other pursuits. Farnsworth associated with Charles Brush in a business venture, which marked the beginning of a new industry that would dominate the Menominee River Basin for the next fifty years. In 1832, the partners erected a water-powered sawmill at the foot of today's North Raymond Street. Excerpts from 1990 study of the Surviving Architecture of a Menominee River Boom Town, ©1990, 1996, City of Marinette, WI In 1861, Anson Bangs obtained passage of an act to create a new county named Bleeker - an old Albany, New York, name. Bangs later married into the family by that name. Many posts of the act were obnoxious to the residents of the county and they refused to organize under it. At that time, E.S. Ingalls, the great-grandfather of a present Menominee attorney (Richard A. Sawyer), was requested to go to Lansing for the January 1863 session of the Legislature and procure the passage of an act to organize a county. Mr. Ingalls prepared such an act and had Representative James S. Perdall of Marquette present it. Soon after, the bill passed and Menominee County took its place among the counties of Michigan. 31

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