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C A N A D I A N S P OT L I G H T cS ices that we provide and the relationships we have with them. On top of that, we offer fair prices and great turnaround times for updates and maintenance.” Working to “go far beyond just building web pages,” LinxSmart offers: • Website management with LiveTools • Mobile web design • Web hosting • Search engine marketing • Design services In working with Health Local, a health services directory, LinxSmart need to help its client maintain a database-driven website. With more than a million records of data, Health Local’s site held more than 30,000 pages. LinxSmart had to ensure the website functioned properly and was easy to navigate, but it also had to make sure Health Local’s pages could be found via search engines. “They have seen exponential growth of their business month by month, and that is in part because of the proper architecture of their site,” Barichello says. costs dropped, too. We provided additional value because our solution allowed them to do all of these tasks at a fraction of the cost of licensed software.” Open Relationships The software and systems LinxSmart develops for its clients are all open-source programs, so the technology is not proprietary and it doesn’t keep clients from making changes or working with other developers. Not that LinxSmart has a problem with client retention. “Our level of client retention is one of the things I’m most proud about,” Barichello says. “We don’t use technology that locks clients in with us, but clients stay because of the quality tools and servPlans to Double Barichello explains that LinxSmart usually starts its work with clients by providing web design services, but then provides additional services and tools once it has a good understanding of clients’ businesses. The goal always is to help its clients be more effective in their business, regardless of their industry. For a parking security firm, LinxSmart designed a site and related tools to connect and improve communication between multiple user groups. When they come across cars in violation, the firm’s security guards can take images of the cars with their phones and then send the pictures to the overall system. Building managers can see the cars that received tickets, and the people who received tickets can pay through the same system. LinxSmart streamlined the firm’s operations by centralizing this data. “We help smaller companies do things like this in an affordable way because of the methods we use,” Barichello says. “Before, only large companies could afford systems like these because they were really expensive to develop, or they could afford all of the licensed software that was necessary for these systems. “These are not really new ideas, but we efficiently develop and customize the systems in a cost-effective way. Many small businesses are unique in what they do, so they don’t have access to specialized software that is available to large industries.” LinxSmart is efficient in the services it offers, he says, because it uses the same software and systems that it develops for clients. As a result, it can serve a large number of clients with a small team. Not that Barichello plans for the team to remain small. With clients throughout Canada, he would like LinxSmart to maintain a centralized development location, but also open customer support offices in some of the country’s major cities. He also plans for LinxSmart to increase its presence in the U.S. market. “I believe we’re strong enough that the team will double or triple in size in the next couple of years,” he says. “The rapid customization of web applications is a great value to customers, and we can help anyone who needs to market their business, streamline their internal operations or improve their business logic. We don’t have a specific niche; we just want to help small- and medium-sized businesses improve their performance.” •mt SPRING 2011 MANAGEMENTTODAY-MAGAZINE.COM 147 http://www.MANAGEMENTTODAY-MAGAZINE.COM

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Management Today - Spring 2011
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Management Today - Spring 2011