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SUMMER 2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS features> 20. 8. 18. Departments > Washington How recipients respond to an EDSP test order can present challenging issues. Page 6 Global Strategies U.S. businesses must craft flexible business models that leverage the strengths from different marketplaces around the globe. Page 8 > E CONOMY N EWS C ONTENTS C ONTENTS Continuous Improvement By monitoring a few key variables and then acting on the data, executives can keep their businesses operating at peak efficiency and thriving in challenging times. Page 12 Supply Chain Design of Experiments is a tool that can help leverage value in a business. Page 18 Manufacturing Tomorrow Wind turbines suggest a new market for the heavy manufacturing industry. Page 128 Features> Smart Pricing The tactical pricing capabilities in sales often lack a high degree of precision. Page 16 Business Value Your business is not just a source of cash; it is a storehouse of value. Page 20 On The Cover> Industrial Electric Wire and Cable has transformed its operation with new sites, market verticals and service offerings to build its global presence. PAGE 22 SUMMER 2010 3

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Manufacturing Today - Summer 2010

Manufacturing Today - Summer 2010
Global Strategies
Continuous Improvement
Smart Pricing
Supply Chain
Business Value
Moving Forward
Westmark Products
Byrne Dairy
Ultrafryer Systems Inc.
Wil-Rich LLC & Wishek MFG LLC
American Precision Fabricators
Aqua Products Inc.
Black Diamond Equipment
Columbian Home Products
Control Devices LLC
Endustra Filter Manufacturers Inc
Heil Trailer International
Assembled Products
Order-Matic Corp.
Professional Building Systems Inc.
Smart Start Inc
Bosal International
Ausco Products Inc.
Brodart Company
Cambrex Corp.
Chapin International Inc.
Cleveland Gear Co.
Consolidated Precision Products
Control Flow Inc.
Douglas Autotech Corp.
Fetzer Architectural Products
The FNA Group
Fourslide Spring and Stamping Inc.
G.A. West & Company
Great Lakes Power Group
Grimm Brothers Plastics
Legends Furniture Inc.
National Tube Supply Co.
Optex Systems Inc.
Sunburst Electronics
V.E. Enterprises Inc
W. Soule & Company
Manufacturing Tomorrow

Manufacturing Today - Summer 2010