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R.F. Hunter Co. / HQ: Dover, N.H. / Sales: Less than $5 million / Employees: 9 / Specialty: Mobile edible oil-filtering equipment Dick Santoro, owner: “I think we’re one of the least expensive machines out there in terms of not only initial cost, but operating cost, as well.” in 1984, dick santoro and his wife bought back r.f. hunter. their son now works at the company. fry food can extend the life of the oil, improve food taste and save money. Santoro recommends filtering the oil at least daily, but it depends on the volume and type of frying being done. In some cases, it may be necessary to filter more often. “In New England, we have lots of fish and chip shops so that oil, in terms of length of use, may be significantly lower than somebody just doing french fries,” he notes. Filtering Worldwide R.F. Hunter Co. sells two disposal caddies (HF FOG 65 and HF FOG 130) to take oil out of the kitchen to disposal, and five mobile FILTRATORS, the ECCO ONE, HF 80, HF130 HF 165 and the Mini Max III – which is for electric fryers – worldwide. “Last week, we just sent one to Dubai,” Santoro points out. Many of the company’s approximately 12 competitors also manufacture deep-frying equipment. “In terms of a mobile standalone filter machine or system, they make one, but that’s not necessarily their main focus,” he emphasizes. R.F. Hunter Co.’s only business is mobile edible oil filtration, he adds, and its machines have higher quality, are more efficient, easier to use and maintain, and cost less. “I think we’re one of the least expensive machines out there in terms of not only initial cost, but operating cost as well,” he maintains. Sale of the machines is just the beginning of the revenue stream R.F. Hunter Co. obtains from them. The filters must be changed daily if they are paper or weekly if they are cloth and a powder or a compound is added to the oil to obtain the proper results. “We started off initially and we still do carry the FILTRATOR compound,” Santoro relates. “Several years ago, we also introduced a filter powder. The difference between the two is the FILTRATOR compound is a filter aid that really just eliminates the particles that are in the oil and the Well-Oiled Firm with proper filtration, a deep fryer’ s edible cooking oil can, at a minimum, be doubled in life. by russ gager Petroleum is sometimes referred to as black gold. But for R.F. Hunter Co., cooking oil has taken on the value of this precious commodity. The company has been manufacturing edible cooking oil filtration equipment for 65 years – since 1945 – when a fish and chip shop owner in Quincy, Mass., named Robert Hunter developed a filtering machine in his garage. “He was fortunate in that Dunkin’ Donuts and Howard Johnson’s headquarters were in a two- to three-block 110 WINTER 2011 radius of where he was,” recounts current owner Dick Santoro, whose wife is Hunter’s daughter. “They were our first major customers. We still have Dunkin’ Donuts.” Hunter, who is deceased, received a patent on a portable filter in 1952 and sold the company to a competitor in 1972. But in 1984, Santoro and his wife bought back the operation. Now Santoro’s son is the third generation working in the business. Filtering edible oils used to deep-

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