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O.K. Foods Inc. / HQ: Fort Smith, Ark. / Employees: Approx. 4,000 / Specialty: Poultry / Trent Goins, senior vice president of sales and marketing: “O.K. Foods has always been open to new ideas and new technology.” with vertically integrated operations, o.k. foods is one of the top 10 u.s. poultry producers. ‘Keeping it Simple’ o.k. foods offers simple, high-quality products with the use of high-tech systems. by kelly mc cabe Throughout the past 70 years, O.K. Foods has remained a family owned operation that is heavily involved in its Arkansas and Oklahoma communities. But in that time, the company has evolved from a livestock and poultry feed producer into one of the world’s largest integrated poultry producers. Today, it employs a staff of roughly 4,000. In addition to its Fort Smith, Ark., headquarters, O.K. Foods operates other facilities there and in Oklahoma. The company’s facilities include feed mills, hatcheries, debone plants, processing plants and frozen food plants. 42 WINTER 2011 O.K. Foods serves customers from five sectors: quick-service restaurants, traditional foodservice such as hotels, retail, commodity sales and industrial sales. The company works with 400-plus contract growers to keep up with customer demand for its products. “We’re in the top 10 producers serving customers throughout the United States and overseas,” says Trent Goins, senior vice president of sales and marketing. “We’re a vertically integrated poultry processor, from feed production, hatcheries and farms to the finished, packaged product.” For its entire existence, O.K. Foods has had a focus on the family, and it maintains that today. Goins’ father, Randy, is O.K. Foods’ CEO. Collier Wenderoth Jr. is the owner of the company and the chairman of the board, and his great-grandfather Collier Wenderoth Sr. started the company, which makes Trent Goins the fourth generation. “Many family businesses don’t make it past the third generation, so every day I wake up and am very grateful for the opportunities to continue to build on the success of my predecessors,” he says. Top-Notch Technique Although family owned companies or those with longevity can have a tendency to follow status quo and do things the same way all the time, O.K. Foods goes against the grain. The company believes in emphasizing the

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Manufacturing Today - Winter 2011
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Manufacturing Today - Winter 2011