The Crush - June 2019 - 4

HOAG REAL ESTATE * 711 SW Alder St. Suite 450 * Portland, OR 97205
Peggy Hoag owner, designated principal broker, licensed in OR/WA

The 55.7 acre property with mature
24 acre vineyard, 10,000 case winery,
300 barrel storage, winetasting
room, and home is for sale.

You can't handcraft grapes.
And you can't handcraft a cow,
but if you pay attention to the
details and are diligent with
your work, you can create
Kobe-style beef. The same
goes for grapes: If you have a
good site, know-how, and do it
all right, you can create grapes
that are special and unique.

tractor work and constantly
look over the crop. Besides
those fifteen trips, I frequently
make quality control trips
through the vineyard.

In Gaston, Oregon, at the
north end of the region's
desired microclimate, this
micro microclimate has
spared my plants from spring
Of 28,000 plants, my oldest are hailstorm damage for the
33 years old and the youngest last 32 years. On the highest
part of the site, the pinot noir
are 22. I personally planted
about 5,000 of the oldest, and plants consistently get north
I made the cuttings and grew summer winds. Some people
the starts for all the younger
swear by fruit from windy
sites. I would be happy to
plants. During the growing
show you the pisolitic iron
season, I personally make
concretions in the soil if those
about fifteen trips up and
are important to you.
down each row. I do my own

HOAG REAL ESTATE AT 503.389.3445.


The Crush - June 2019

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