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vineyard acres, making him one of the largest organic growers
in the county. He is not only a respected grower of quality
winegrapes, but also a supportive local wine business owner
who helps nurture dozens of other producers.

Examples of his advocacy efforts include testifying at hearings
before state and federal policy makers; meeting with countless
legislators and staff; hosting educational tours for local, state and
federal officials at his vineyard; and being interviewed for news
stories in California and national media outlets.

In 1993, he had the insight to develop one of Napa Valley's first
custom crush facilities, the family-owned Napa Wine Company
in Oakville, to process premium quality grapes. Considered one
of the leading facilities of its kind, it is a home for their family's
grapes and also provides the ability for start-up wineries to
develop their brands and for established brands to grow.
Hoxsey was a member of the CAWG board of directors from
1998 to 2009, and has remained involved with the organization
in various capacities. His daughter, Kendall Hoxsey-Onysko,
continues the family's commitment as a current board member.
In July 2016, Andrew and Kendall hosted key Congressional staff
at Yount Mill Vineyards and briefed the participants about labor
availability, Pierce's disease, European grapevine moth and other
As a member of the California Sustainable Winegrowing
Alliance, Hoxsey has served as board chairman and treasurer.
He has provided a considerable amount of time and expertise
to other organizations, such as Napa Valley Cooperative,
Napa Valley Vintners Association, Napa Valley Grapegrowers,
Premiere Napa Valley, Oakville Winegrowers Foundation, Napa
County Farm Bureau, Napa Community Bank. After stepping
down from the American Vineyard Foundation board of directors
in 2009, he was recognized for "providing leadership, guidance
and vision in raising research dollars and directing the funding of
projects designed to answer some of our enology and viticulture
Among his other accolades is the 2009 Grower of the Year Award
from the Napa Valley Grapegrowers. For that honor, he was
recognized by Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Napa) on the House
floor, and his remarks were published in the Congressional
Record. He said, "Madam Speaker and colleagues, it is
appropriate at this time that we thank Mr. Andrew Hoxsey for
the incredible work he has done on behalf of the Napa Valley.
As a respected grape grower, he has advanced the reputation of
Napa Valley grapes and wine, and has been a model citizen and
superb steward of the land." These words still ring true a decade
"CAWG has been extremely effective in advocating for
winegrape growers and California agriculture," Hoxsey said. "It
has been a tremendous pleasure to work on their behalf, even
more so to be acknowledged for those efforts by this CAWG
board. I am so pleased our family remains engaged in the effort."

"Brad understands the importance of being active politically,"
Lodi District Grape Growers Association Executive Director Amy
Blagg said. "He is an asset to not only the winegrape industry,
but all of agriculture. His willingness to serve as a leader and
voice on the tough issues is unmatched."
In 2018 and 2019, Goehring worked closely with California
Association of Winegrape Grower (CAWG) staff and other
agricultural groups on California's State Wetland Definition and
Procedures for Discharges of Dredged or Fill Material to Waters
of the State (WOTS). His leadership on the issue helped deliver
critically important protections for agriculture.
"Brad has worked behind the scenes locally in San Joaquin
County, up in Sacramento and in Washington, D.C. to educate
politicians and regulators on what proposed new and changed
laws and regulations would do to a farmer in California," Lodi
grower Bruce Fry said.
Many organizations and committees have benefited from
Goehring's leadership and expertise. For CAWG, his past
positions include CAWG District 3 director (2008 to 2017),
treasurer and vice chair of the board of directors; chair of the
Government Affairs Committee; and chair of the Political Action
Committee. He is also a dedicated participant in the annual
CAWG Day in the Capitol. He is a former board member of the
Lodi Winegrape Commission, active member of the Lodi District
Grape Growers Association, director-at-large of the San Joaquin
Farm Bureau Federation, and a participant in California Farm
Bureau Federation committees and activities.
"It is quite a surprise and humble honor to be chosen for this
award," Goehring said. "The honor stems from the fact this comes
via peers, from the CAWG board, whom I hold in very high
esteem. The past and present CAWG boards have, in my view,
always been comprised of the very finest individuals - all-stars in
their own deserving right - who passionately care enough about
the issues affecting winegrape growing to volunteer personal
time in the effort to advocate for protecting and promoting the
interest of California winegrape growers. The issues I have
advocated for were never of my choice; however, they came from
the necessity to fight for what's right and the battle to remain in
business. CAWG provided every opportunity to engage in the
issues while having a larger voice than we as individuals are
capable of. I simply took advantage of the larger voice."
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