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Task Force Meets on Smoke Exposure Issues
Wine industry members from California, Oregon and
Washington gathered on July 24 in Sacramento to address
the many commercial issues that can arise when winegrape
vineyards are exposed to wildfire smoke.
Leaders from the California Association of Winegrape Growers
(CAWG), Oregon Winegrowers Association and Washington
Winegrowers convened a daylong meeting of an 18-person
West Coast Smoke Exposure Task Force, supported by experts
including enology scientists, a contract lawyer and crop
insurance professionals.
"I'm very pleased by the initial meeting of the West Coast Smoke
Exposure Task Force," said CAWG President John Aguirre. "To
have the engagement of industry groups, growers and winery
professionals from California, Oregon and Washington is a real
benefit to this collaborative effort."
Oregon Winegrowers Association President and CEO Tom
Danowski said, "With smoke exposure events occurring more
frequently and with longer durations, we're facing serious
disruptions to industry relationships and growers' livelihoods.
I'm encouraged the task force is committed to helping growers
and winemakers in all three states work together to more fully
understand and offset those risks."
Washington Winegrowers Executive Director Vicky Scharlau
said, "Wildfire is a no-warning event that impacts the entire
grape-to-wine process, making smoke a shared risk between
grower and vintner. This task force is a welcome structure that
allows our formidable industry to proactively address this silent
foe with science and communication."

Task force members agreed to focus efforts on:
*	 Identifying	research	priorities	to	better	understand	the	
effects of smoke exposure on winegrapes and wine quality;
*	 Identifying	and	describing	tools	and	information	that	can	
help growers and wineries effectively assess and manage
risks to wine quality associated with smoke exposure;
*	 Developing	guidance	and	best	practices	that	promote	
effective	communication	between	growers	and	wineries,	
and minimize the uncertainty and disruptions in commercial
relationships arising from concerns over smoke exposed
grapes; and
*	 Improving	crop	insurance	as	an	effective	risk	management	
tool	for	wildfire	and	smoke	exposure	events.

To address the above key goals, the task
force established three subgroups led by
experienced industry professionals:
*	 SCIENCE:	Alisa	Jacobson,	Joel	Gott	Wines
*		CONTRACTS:	Patrick	Rawn,	Two	Mountain	Winery	
	 and	Mike	Testa,	Coastal	Vineyard	Care
*		CROP INSURANCE:	Gregg	Hibbits,	Mesa	Vineyard	

Photo: Brian Shepard

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