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contents 20 30 26 FEATURES 20 Uncharted territory COVER STORY 14 Caring for the caregivers Stress and burnout affect medical teams every day. Here╩╝s how to help. The answers leaders need from their teams are changing. To ensure the flow of data and information is clearly communicated up the ladder, here are eight principles of analytics. 26 A new approach It can be hard to know how to interact with autistic patients and their parents. One hospital developed a plan for patient and family-centered care that resulted in better clinical outcomes and experiences. 30 Mission: Control On a quest to improve safety and efficiency, one hospital is taking a cue from NASA's Mission Control and developing an operations center. 14 IN THIS ISSUE 2 Editor's note 3 President's message HOSPITAL ROUNDS 4 6 8 10 Reader commentary Transforming care First person Everyday hero HOSPITAL HIGHLIGHT 12 Show some ID ASSOCIATION NEWS 36 41 42 44 Board member Q&A Public policy update Remembering Don Black Child's story

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Children's Hospitals Today - Fall 2014