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editor'snote Spring 2014 | Vol. 22 No. 2 EDITORIAL STAFF Who moved my Cheez-Its? Change is hard, but in the end it's usually good for us. A t a recent Children's Hospital Association conference I attended, the hotel provided boxed lunches that included a sandwich, a chocolate chip cookie, potato chips and an apple. I admit I only gave the apple a sideways glance, but the remaining items made for an ideal lunch. In the staff workroom, I polished off the sandwich, chips and cookie-not necessarily in that order-while other staffers announced they were, "only eating the chips, not the cookie," or, "eating half the cookie, not the chips." While I secretly wanted the other half of that cookie, I wondered: Is one choice better than the other? Is eating both really that bad? I knew my workout later would consist of trekking through the airport and heaving my luggage around, so I'd burn off that cookie, right? Editors and writers have some of the worst eating habits. At a job early in my career, my boss kept a self-serve basket overflowing with bags of chips, cookies and trail mix (the kind with more M&Ms than nuts). She knew that well-fed editors were happy editors. At another employer, I developed a pack-a-day habit of vending machine serving-sized Cheez-Its. After all the trail mix and snack crackers I could eat, life at the Association has been an adjustment. There are no vending machines in our office-it's not convenient to eat P.S. read Children's Hospitals Today when you're on the go! our digital edition is easy to read on your phone or tablet. Check it out at childrenshospitalstoday. junk food. The Association is a healthconscious employer and encourages employee wellness by offering various initiatives. And it's working. Coworkers are shedding pounds and looking great. Even my pants are fitting a little looser despite the occasional contraband cookie or two. Employers play a big role in workers' health, and they can influence it with the options available in vending machines and cafeterias. Our cover story looks at how children's hospitals are taking innovative approaches to encourage consumers to make healthy choices. You may be surprised to learn that some are finding success by not entirely eliminating unhealthy foods. Instead, children's hospitals encourage healthier decision making by arming consumers with information. This might lead people to think that choosing the apple instead of potato chips was their idea all along- pretty smart if you ask me. Don't humans respond better to change if gently nudged in a certain direction instead of forcibly shoved off the edge of a cliff? AmAndA Bertholf Vice President, Communications Angie leondedis Managing Editor Amanda Bertholf Art Director eric Gapsch Graphic Designer deanna Yesko Advertising Vikki Sara Contributors Stacy Biddinger leslie fischer Carrie hoover Jim Kaufman michelle lunbeck darcie reeson ellen Schwalenstocker denise taylor Carolyn Walker EDITORIAL OFFICE 6803 W. 64th Street overland Park, KS, 66202 for information or customer service, call 888-565-2422. for subscription inquries, questions or to submit an article, email Visit our website: childrenshospitalstoday. Children's Hospitals Today is published quarterly by the Children's hospital Association. Copyright 2014. this magazine may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the publisher's written permission. ADVERTISING INFORMATION display and digital advertising is available. for rates and media kit information, email or call 703-684-1355. Join the conversation @hospitals4kids @speaknowforkids childrenshospitals speaknowforkids

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Children's Hospitals Today - Spring 2014
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