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editor'snote Winter 2014 | Vol. 22 No. 1 Chairman of the Board James E. Shmerling, DHA Good night, sleep tight Try to get some rest. O ur brains are amazing sponges. They help us take everything in-the good and the bad, the mundane and the extraordinary. And sometimes they hold on to the perplexing things a little too tightly and don't let go, especially when we're trying to sleep. In my house, sleeplessness seems to be contagious. If one of us is tossing, the other is turning. And it appears we're not alone. The Centers for Disease Control says insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic. And one of the biggest causes of sleeplessness is stress. It's the usual stuff that keeps me up. Did I set the alarm clock for p.m. instead of a.m.? (This always pops into my head the night before an early flight.) Is the front door locked? Are the polar ice caps melting beyond the point of no return? What am I going to write about for my editor's note? We all have different ways of attempting to catch some shut-eye. Association Board Member Karen Wolfson, trustee at Wolfson Children's Hospital, tries to distract herself from her thoughts. She likes to do crossword puzzles to ease into relaxation. (Read more about Wolfson on page 29.) The easiest thing I can do to quiet my brain is to confront whatever it's chewing on. President and CEO Mark Wietecha Senior Vice President and COO Amy Wimpey Knight Double-check the alarm clock or the front door. But what am I supposed to do when it's the fate of the tundra keeping me up at night? That's not something I can just hop out of bed and confront. What if you're a children's hospital CEO and you're worried about hospital finances, changing reimbursement models, or where the next generation of pediatric care providers is going to come from? Understandably, CEOs are thinking about pretty heavy things-the future and how change could impact the care hospitals provide kids. Our cover story, starting on page 16, examines these issues in depth. A panel of children's hospital CEOs says there are major issues facing the pediatric health care industry today. So how do you move past them so you can get some sleep? Perhaps knowing you're in a position to help resolve these issues every day is enough. Amanda Bertholf Vice President, Communications Angie Leondedis Managing Editor Amanda Bertholf Art Director Eric Gapsch Contributors Leslie Fischer Carrie Hoover Jacqueline Kueser Shannon Lovejoy Liz Parry Darcie Reeson Jennifer Rudisill Vikki Sara Denise Taylor Carolyn Walker Children's Hospitals Today is published quarterly by the Children's Hospital Association. Editorial and advertising offices: 6803 W. 64th Street, Overland Park, KS 66202; For information or customer service, call 888-565-2422. Copyright 2014. This magazine may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission of the publisher. Join the conversation

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